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Infinity sign is an internationally recognized symbol of all-pervasive potential and boundlessness. A visual representation of the mathematical concept of infinity, this emblem has to indicate a limitless potential. 

Infinity is not just a formulaic concept but an idea that transcends the realms of any particular language or culture.

The infinity symbol in math is important for when you need to show that something does not have an end or that a number goes on forever. 

This symbol is quite often used in equations to show this concept. 

There are many times when one must use the symbol in math to prove that there is no end or that something does not have an end.

Are you familiar with the use of this common symbol for infinity, ∞? 

If you are, maybe you know that it was invented by the English mathematician John Wallis in 1655.

Some other facts about John Wallis is that he also invented Logarithms; he decoded intercepted messages (for King Charles II and later Queen Anne); he became President of the Royal Society in 1693, stayed in office until 1703 and again from 1727-1741; he has a crater on Moon named after him; and his portrait hangs at Trinity College, Cambridge. 

He lived from 1616-1703.

If you took an introductory calculus or algebra class, chances are you learned about the number ∞ (aka infinity), which mathematicians define as something that can be approached without ever actually reaching it. 

Infinity was a concept first introduced by Zeno of Elea in approximately 450 BC. 

However, it wasn’t until 1655 when he asked why the symbol for infinity was a lowercase sigma instead of a capital S. It was then that he felt the need to rename it to ∞ (which is pronounced “infinity”).

This symbol has a number of different meanings, from “everlasting,” to “endless” and even to “infinity.” In mathematics, it's also known as an "ever-increasing" ratio. 

In other words, something that is infinite cannot be measured or counted because the measurement never ends. 

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