Minecraft Circle Chart: Build Rounds Easily

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All you need is a sheet of paper, the pencil and a pair of compasses. Minecraft Circle charts are ideal for beginners, because with the help of this, you can make nice perfect spontaneous circles.

Minecraft Circle Chart Example

One can use a ruler, protractor or compass for this purpose

The circle chart itself consists of a diameter that is divided into eight parts, while other versions have these divisions halved. Often, a center point is added to the middle of the circumference so one may easily draw intersecting arcs or semicircles. 

These inter-dimensional arcs can thus serve to determine the radius or circumference of the given circle diagrammed.

Minecraft is a popular game that allows you to build. There are many games you can play on the computer, but Minecraft is very different from most other games.

Each quarter of the outer circle connects to the center with lines that radiate from the center to the quarters, forming equally spaced holes around the edges of the pattern. A compass can be used for drawing arcs and circles. They come in handy when you are in need of a smooth curve.

Where to use a Circle Chart in MC?

Minecraft Circle Chart is a useful tool that lets you build mazes and structures. You can use it as part of your minecraft terrain to create detailed walls or just for building towers on the side of mountains.

The circle is an unusual structure for Minecraft as it's not used anywhere else, but that doesn't mean it's any less cool. 

Circles have only been available since Minecraft technically became version 1 in 2011, although the texture pack version of one was added to PC Gamer a lot earlier than that.

The world of Minecraft is predominantly a cube based world. But what if you need to make something circular, like a lighthouse, corner tower of a castle, or even just a simple circle? If you have a lot of blocks stacked together in the center of your circle it can be difficult to do so.

If you've downloaded Minecraft and spent any time in survival mode, you've probably built some pretty standard cube/rectangular houses. However, there's some cool ways to make domes and spheres that look much different. If you'd like to build some of these "round" things with a square building tool-set, or if you're doing an architectural project using Minecraft, these should come in handy.

Minecraft is a sandbox-style, building type game that’s not shy about creativity. You can find circle charts all over the internet, but this first one will help you build lighthouses that have never been seen before in Minecraft.

Rounded Minecraft Architecture Examples

Egg House

Egg House Made in Minecraft

The Egg House in Minecraft is considered as one of the most iconic builds that many players can’t get enough of. It may look like a simple, basic piece of design built by beginner users but the Architect, who made this build, has envisioned it to be more than just a simple build. However, let’s not forget that this build was made to serve its functionality; that is to serve as a home for the architect.

Rounded Farm

Modern Farm

I wanted to show you a farm _Janek_ built a while back. This one is special because it's not the usual passive mob farm, but instead an actual farm where you can grow anything and everything you want. There's a big water reservoir at the bottom with 4 farms next to each other where He have grown wheat, carrots, potatoes and pumpkins.

Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall building

This round mall reminded me of Apple's new building. It is a very spacious piece of architecture. It took the architect 1 week to build this building. In most cities, there is no place left to make such spacious areas. 

Especially in cities like New York, you have no choice but to use the sky. But inside Minecraft there are no such problems. We follow the development of Architecture with pure creativity in an infinite universe.

Ocean Building

Ocean House

Imagine a world where you get energy, water and nutrients from the oceans. Wouldn't you build your buildings there too?

A minecraft architecture inspired by books and movies about people trying to survive in a dystopian universe where there is no space left on the land.

Last Words

You can download the minecraft circle chart above, and you learn what you can do with these charts. Sometimes, knowing where to use is more important than knowing how to use it. That’s why I share great rounded building example for you. 

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