Mouse Test: Explore The Limits of Your Mouse

Buying a piece of hardware without testing the mouse would be a luxurious omission. I always stretch before buying a mouse.

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The mouse was first found in 1964 and developed by Douglas Engelbart. I no longer use a mouse on my Macbook. The touchpad provides the capacity I need to navigate the screen.

I press the touchpad too much now. If you know the keyboard’s commands very well, you do not have to lift your hand from the keyboard.

Here are some commands that make my job a lot easier:

Command + T = Open a new tab in Chrome.

Command + W = Close the current Chrome tab.

Command + Option + Arrows = Navigate between tabs.

These are just a few commands I can think of. You can find shortcuts suitable for your business by surfing the internet a little. Not only computers, but even our phones now have countless shortcuts. Apple even made an official application on this issue.

Anyway, the commands I mean have reduced our need for a mouse right now. However, we are in 2020. We will enter 2021 in a few months. Yet, Mouse was found in 1964. Almost 60 years have passed. Until the 2000s, the mouse was a massive technology.

Video games cannot be played without a mouse. I may not be using it as a computer developer, but the billion-dollar gaming industry depends on this little device’s healthy operation.

Without the mouse, a complex and enjoyable game like Fornite would not have been developed. Although the software has taken over the world, this success is directly proportional to our hardware. If the hardware does not allow, the software cannot be successful.

In 1964, Mouse was given to a cute little (most of the time) animal. However, by the 2000s, the word Mouse had taken its place in English dictionaries as a tool that facilitates navigation on the computer screen.

When it comes to Apple, the fruit doesn't come to mind first. When it comes to a, we think of a consumer technology company that has achieved tremendous success worldwide.

Type apple in Google and review the results. The first recommended article is the official homepage of Apple company. Even the Google company is sure that when you create a query on Google called Apple; you mean the Apple technology company.

To completely change the meaning of a word? This is called innovation. Companies or technologies that have made an impact penetrate our culture.

As a matter of my job, I always want my hands to be on the keyboard, but if I had a profession where I would use the mouse a lot, I wouldn't buy one without testing the mouse. This mouse testing tool provides you with the rational numbers you need to be a great mouse.

I have previously developed hardware-related tools such as spacebar counter and Double Click test. This time I decided to make a tool that examines the entire mouse.

Using this tool is very easy. All you have to do is click at the speed you want. You can click where you want at the rate you want. Your every move will be recorded as long as you are on the page.

If you are done with the current test, you can start a new trial by clicking the reset button.

I apologize to all of you for any problems that may occur with the vehicle I just launched. If you encounter working difficulties that cause a headache, please contact me. I do my best to make the software better.

Mouse testing is used to test the hardware and test the compatibility of the software with the hardware. Because we can change the working routines of the essential functions of the hardware. By us, I mean software developers.

For example, scrolling down has a certain speed. However, this speed can be slowed down and accelerated if I want. For example, I uploaded a command to Spacebar on a website I developed recently. Each time the spacebar was pressed, the number would change. Users could follow the numbers on the screen.

I developed the software, but there was a problem: the Chrome browser also assigned a task to the Spacebar. According to Chrome, pressing the Spacebar meant to scroll the screen. These two different commands uploaded to the spacebar caused a conflict.

To avoid this conflict, I have restricted Chrome's functionality on the relevant page of my website. Now spacebar means to Scroll when pressed on any page in Chrome. However, this function does not occur on a specific page that I specified because I stopped this function.

You can do a mouse test to learn the results after doing a similar manipulation. This mouse test is free for now. And I am thinking of serving it free of charge forever.

Maybe I can add premium features in the future and sell them for money, but I don't currently have such a plan.

For now, my other projects are enough for me to pay my bills. However, if there are many extra feature requests and these features make the developers' lives easier, maybe I add paid features.

What matters more than how much effort I put into something is how much the tool I created makes life easier for the other person.

If you are interested in design and software development, I recommend you to check my color palettes page.

Having a basic knowledge of colors makes you look like a professional when it comes to design. It takes years to master the design field, but you don't need to spend years developing essential apps that aren't ugly.


I hope this article worked for you. I hope the mouse test will help you with the projects you are dealing with your business or private life.

A lot of small software supports me in making things easier every day. And most of this software is also free. The most significant factor on the Internet, helping me work so efficiently, is generous software developers who share their sincere efforts.

No community is as supportive as the software communities. An environment that welcomes people of all knowledge and skills.

Even if you do not want to be a software developer professionally, you can change your mindset and produce cleaner thoughts if you learn the essential functions.

After all, the most significant contribution of software development to me is the change in my thinking.

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