Nightbot Commands: Automate Your Stream

April 12, 2024
If you are a video content producer, knowing the Nightbot Commands will allow you to work more efficiently. Here is the complete list of commands.

Adjust Commands

  • !addcom !keyword text here
  • !editcom !keyword Edited text here
  • !delcom !keyword


  • $(user) : it allows you to reference users.
  • $(query): Reference the text which a user entered text



  • join - Nightbot will join your Channel (Just account holder ) 
  • part or leave - Nightbot will Leave your Channel (just account holder ) 

!commercial - Run Commercial ads for the Duration which you choose.

  • Here are the duration possibilities 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 seconds.

!filters - Manage Spam Filters

  • blacklist - Blocks users from posting specific terms.  
  • caps - Blocks users from posting in capitalizes letters 
  • emotes - Blocks users from posting multiple emotes in communications 
  • links - Blocks users from posting links and enables you to whitelist specific ties 
  • symbols - Blocks users from posting numerous figures in chat 
  • repetitions - Blocks users from posting recurring terms and idioms 


!permit - Enables chatters to Post a link or links Momentarily 

!game - Show the Contemporary Game for the Channel

  • <game> - Set the game for the Channel</game>


!marker - Insert a Twitch stream marker of chatting



  • new - Build a new Strawpoll to determine on
  • results - See Current Outcomes of Latest Poll
  • title is the central name of your survey.
  • options are the specific advantages your users can choose for. Divided by an upright bar


!tags - See Tags for the Channel

  • <tags> - Set Tags for the Channel</tags>

!title - See Title for Channel

  • <title> - Set Title for the Channel</title>


!winner - Get-Random User from Channel 



  • add - Add user to Regular UserLevel
  • delete - Delete user from Regular UserLevel


!songs [

  • current - Show Song from AutoDJ
  • list - Link to Songlist
  • delete - Remove Living Song 
  • playlist - Link to Playlist
  • request - Add Song within Song Queue
  • promote - Move Song to be the Following Playing
  • skip - Jump the Current Song
  • next - Show Next Song
  • save - Save the Playing Song
  • volume - See and Edit Current Volume
  • play - Begin the Playing of AutoDJ 
  • pause - Pause the Playing of AutoDJ 


The entertainment industry is entirely online. There are still some productions we see on TV. These productions are usually massive budget productions.

However, the budget often doesn't guarantee the audience. It is possible to reach many people with much fewer funds.

nightbot commands

Live broadcasting is also preferred by content producers, especially influencers specializing in video games like to broadcast live.

Because in a video game, everything happens instantly. There are no plans. The game is entered, and the enemies are fought. This is a stimulating situation. For this reason, the people whose videos are most watched are usually gamers.


While it may seem easy to broadcast live on Twitch or Youtube, it has its time-consuming side.

Compared to live broadcasting on TV, live streaming on the internet is completely free. If you have the necessary hardware and are connected to the internet, you do not need any other budget to stream a live stream. This is great.

However, while broadcasting live on the internet, your communication with the user continues instantly. This is where the Nightbot application comes into play. It has many features such as an automatic reply to messages on live broadcast, recording, and muting, saving the recording to the cloud.

To use these features in live broadcast, you should also learn the nightbot commands I mentioned above. I suggest you save this page as favorites. After a while, you will memorize all the commands, but you will need to come back for a few weeks and check the list.

Commands are absolutely not complicated. It consists of simple English. Generally, the contents of control and code have now become almost entirely composed of English. This makes it significantly easier for beginners to learn to write code.

Some features make your content better quality while you are broadcasting. For example, if you are making a giveaway live, Nightbot can help you with this. And of course, you need to create a time limit for this giveaway.

Here Nightbot can also help you create a timer.

The above are features that will be useful for you as long as things go well, but if things do not go well, sometimes you need Nightbot.

During a live stream, you may get a lot of spam requests. These spam can occupy your chat screen. This engagement can degrade the quality of your content beyond your control.

In this kind of situation, again, this great bot can help you.

Of course, it is vital to know nightbot commands to apply all these features quickly and correctly.

The future of live streaming is the internet. Twitch and youtube have proven this. Not only young celebrities but government officials also broadcast live on youtube.

I recently saw a live youtube stream attended by the former president of the united states. The most influential people in the world are now using live streaming to reach their audiences. The Internet is no longer a place for a few nerds to hang out. There have been significant developments in the last ten years.

And there is no certainty about what will happen in the next ten years. There are optimistic predictions, but it is not possible to give exact figures.

Netflix has reached the intensity expected in the next ten years in 6 months. The reason for this was that the pandemic affected the whole world.

The sponsor of the NBA finals this year was Youtube TV. In previous years, Angry Birds was among the NBA sponsors. Internet companies are among the companies with the highest revenue.

This proves that. If you are connected to the internet, your quality of life will increase. Of course, we cannot get much information by continually watching videos on Instagram and Tiktok.

Even Airbnb has begun to sell experiences that reach customers through live streams. Airbnb lost a great value during the pandemic. Although it was not a product to replace the original income model, it tried to provide cash flow by putting online training.

If you want to produce content, no matter what platform you use, you will have to live broadcast at some point. For this reason, you will need nightbot commands one day. If you're someone who streamed live without using these commands, you know how big the difference is.

As Elon Musk said: If you can't automate your business, your business is broken.

He said that word years ago but is almost entirely correct today. However, very few of the world's population are willing to automate their business because most do not even know they have such opportunities.

Anyway, if you like this post, I will share lists of commands from other bots in the coming days. Because when you learn to work with controls, you will see how fast you get things done.

I now understand how much time I wasted when I moved the cursor to the screen’s top to navigate between browser tabs.

If you stopped doing it because it was difficult even though you had excellent interactions while live streaming, try again using Nightbot commands. You can stop broadcasting if it's still tricky, but once you know it, ultimately, you will learn that it's not that hard.

Some things can be very complicated when doing stuff on the Internet. The help of bots is beneficial in dealing with these complexities.

Discord bots are also produced for similar purposes. Not only discord but also slack and other popular software come with many bots. We need some help to get things in order. If we can get this help from bots, it would be foolish to deny it.

There is a bot that will automate your every job. Or even if you wait a bit, it will be developed by someone with certainty. Software developers do not have much tolerance for repetitive work. That's why they care a lot about automation.

What is Nightbot?

Nightbot is a chat bot that helps you automate your live stream chat with moderation and new features. This allows you to spend more time entertaining your viewers by providing them with help if they need it, encouraging them to join your channel, or driving them towards purchasing items in your streamer store. Nightbot makes it easy to get new viewers and increase monetization

This allows you to spend more time entertaining your viewers while Nightbot takes care of all the boring stuff like keeping order in the comments section and searching for new users or friend requests

The main feature is the ability to assign moderator permissions to people while only allowing that role to view specific user information

Last Words

If you need color inspiration for your live stream cover images, I suggest visiting the gradient color collection.

I hope my writing nightbot commands worked for you.

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