+200 Notion Templates: Be More Efficient Every Day

It's a fun app to build from scratch, but you can save time with notion templates in the Collection. Beyond that, you can discover what's possible with Notion.

I started learning Webflow in 2015. The most significant help in learning Webflow has been to examine the templates made by others. Because tutorials are insufficient to describe the software’s full capabilities, documents can be very dull. Examining a live product step by step will significantly increase your learning speed.

If you examine the above Notion template collections step by step, your knowledge will significantly increase.

These principles also apply to all other professions. To reveal your creativity, it is to examine step by step what those who know more than you do.

Some of the templates above offer almost free of charge what other paid software does.

However, some examples are entertaining. For instance, the horoscopes of the people whose date of birth you enter automatically appear with the zodiac founder. The same formula can be used for other purposes linked to years and months.

The Notion was just a product used by people in the software world. However, today professionals from all fields make all their documents and plan over Notion.

Peoples like Kharma Medic organize their lives with Notion. In the 2010s, Evernote has seen a tremendous rise. Everyone was using Evernote. But things aren't quite right now

Products like Coda or Airtable are still predominantly used by people in the software industry. However, Notion has caught the attention of the whole world.

I spent +30 hours assembling the Notion templates. I hope it works for you. Notion's official template site is not as comprehensive as Airtable. Therefore, it is more challenging to reach creative templates. I developed this product to make this process easy for you.

It is a document collaboration tool that works well with teams large and small. From startups to Fortune 500 companies (including Dropbox, Salesforce, and Twilio), Notion powers teams to work faster together and help them get more done.

You can think of Notion as the foundation for your workflow—everything from how you organize your content to how you access it.

Do you work on a team where you all use different tools—some built in-house, some open source? Did you know that these tools are often siloed and don’t interact with each other? Notion is here to help fix that problem.

I liked Notion's calendar application the most. But a current development has taken place. The notion now supports the Timeline view. This is a significant improvement. Because it is an abstract concept until a project is implemented, it’s a fragile idea in your head. The more you embody this idea, the more likely it is to come true.

The timeline view also contributes significantly to this concretization process. In the past, we used to access this feature by downloading other paid applications. This situation has changed forever.

By the way, I added the updated timeline templates to Notion templates. However, you don't need the expertise to implement this new feature. You will get the result instantly by adding Timeline to templates in another view available.

As I mentioned above, every idea is just an abstract concept before it happens. Realizing a vision is only a feature of the human race. Because thoughts are abstract concepts, most living creatures in the world cannot think abstractly.

To realize an abstract concept is actually to build the future because there is a possibility that a product that affects the future will emerge.

But something as tricky as thinking abstractly is bringing that thought to life. I plan to bring all my ideas to life. Pictures that I don't prepare for will wear out over time. Worse.

Ideas that have not been realized take place in the mind. And your operating system slows down. Any statement that occupies your head reduces the performance of your RAM. If you have an idea in mind, either make it happen or write it down. Either way, it stops occupying your mind. That's why I have another notion page where I write my ideas.

If you want to add a template you made to the collection. Please contact me via the following email.

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