Online Mirror: Use Your Cam As A Mirror

Online Mirror is a simple tool that lets you use your webcam as a mirror. I made this because I wanted a solution that was quick, easy and FREE. There are many free options out there but they all require time consuming set up. 

Some of them also listen to your microphone which feels creepy. Now you don’t need to be paranoid: just use, no one sees you. 

Sometimes it’s great to have a mirror that you can use online without ever leaving your seat. 

Online Mirror

It allows you to view your side profile without turning in and also lets you view your back if you look into a camera phone held at an angle.

Surely, one would expect that a thin layer of highly polished glass should merely act as a transparent object, and no more. 

So that, you might comfortably suppose, if you looked into a mirror, you should see yourself looking back at you; nothing more. 

But this certainly is not the case. You may look into the best-polished mirror in the world and yet not be able to recognize yourself in it.


How do mirrors work? 

That question sounds simple enough, but it is actually rather complex. 

I could not give you a simple answer of how a mirror works. Instead I will tell you that light behaves in very different ways depending on what type of medium it travels through. The medium can be gases, liquids or solids. 

The various ways light behaves when traveling through different types of matter is called refraction and diffraction.

Who invented the mirror? 

Was it Leonardo Da Vinci? 

Or was it one of our more recent inventors, such as Thomas Edison? 

As it turns out, if you want to give credit to the inventor of the mirror, you should thank Justus von Liebig. But who was Justus von Liebig? 

As the name suggests, he was a German chemist. His research on organic and inorganic chemicals paved the way for much of modern chemistry.

The history of chemistry is filled with important scientists, including Archimedes, the father of physics and Sir Isaac Newton who figured out many laws of nature. One of these men was Justus von Liebig. His experiments and accurate data collection made many processes in modern chemical laboratories efficient.

But if you ask who invented this online mirror, with the little help of javascript I made it. 

Best Use Case Of Mirrors

Interior Design 

Mirror use in interior design is a common technique used to create the illusion of additional space. It can also be used to enhance other areas of a room or home. 

While using mirrors has been around for centuries, it isn't usually considered the first option when creating a home. Although, with most fashions it will soon begin to be noticed and understood as a beautiful option.


The use of mirrors in photography is a set of techniques that I have always wanted to learn. Now, this is not just one technique but a whole group of them related to using mirrors in photography. 

A mirror as the name suggests is a piece of glass that can be found to reflect an image or light. From the countless uses of this tool, let’s move on to how it can be used in photography.


Mirrors are known that they reflect everything, even a medicine. Fortunately, for us, mirrors have increasingly become one of the most common furniture that occupies space in our home. 

In addition to traditional mirrors such as wall or standing mirror, there is also a mirror that is often used in health that is called "mirror therapy".

Here we go, end of the article. I hope you liked what you read. I assume you like online mirror, which leads me you also will like my other tools

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