Random Address in California: Find the Right Place Randomly

Are you looking for a random address in California for a good cause? Then you are definitely in the right place. Swipe down and hit the purple button.

Sometimes, some companies ask for an address when registering on their website. Users do not want to give the addresses of the houses they live in these sites.

I don't know why Internet companies want these addresses, but I can understand that customers don't want to give their addresses.

However, to access the service offered by the internet company, it is necessary to register. The internet company also requests address information to be entered to register.

Users who do not want to share their real addresses register on sites using virtual or fictitious addresses.

I developed the Random Address in California tool to serve precisely this purpose.

It has straightforward use.

Each time you press the purple button, a new address comes up. If you push too long, you are likely to encounter an address you've seen before. I had previously released the random coordinate generator tool.

There is a similar working principle in this tool. There is no delay or waiting time when you press the button. A new address will appear instantly.

This lack of loading time is that all data is downloaded by the browser when the page is opened. Since the text files did not take up much space, I allowed them to be downloaded completely. However, if there were a visual in what will come randomly, I would develop another command instead of the "load all at page opening" command.

Because requesting to upload all images simultaneously will inevitably result in a very long page loading.

Late page loading means losing users.

People are not alright to wait for any page to load. Internet speeds were not that enhanced when I was 12 and 13 years old.

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