Random Date Generator: Pick A Date in A Second

Random Date Generator is a super basic web app. The main feature is that it generates a date (randomly). You can see the results in an instant just by clicking the purple button. After that, you'll see another date every time you click it. 

Random Date Generator is a tool that provides you with random but valid dates. If you're working on building a website and don't know when to publish significant posts, or if you're planning an event and don't have a specific date to host it, this tool will help you generate random dates.

This is a simple way to generate random dates. Press the "Generate" button, then fill in your date for today (i.e., June 9, 2019) and press enter. A new random date will be generated automatically.

It's time to break up with your old love calculator and get a fresh new look. Date-a-Time is here to help you generate random dates and stop staring at the same date over and over again.

There are no settings and no other features. I created this after realizing my scripts needed a simpler version so I could test without coding. This way, anyone may easily use it to test their own scripts.

It was created to help you choose a random date with minimum effort. All you need to do is press the button, and instantly you'll get a new date.

Sometimes it’s not practical to have a calendar app on your home screen or mobile device.

Sometimes you just need a simple random day in the calendar. That’s why I built this plugin: to help me pick dates and make my life easy.

If you liked using this tool, maybe you are also curious about how dates are calculated. Actually, I could not learn how to make this tool without knowing this.

In the rest of the article, I will share with you what I have learned.

How dates are calculated

How dates are calculated is not really a question one may ask but when you see it in front of you, you may need to have an idea about how dating takes place. Maybe there were times when you use to do things and due to some reasons, your friends ask you later on how long it was before this or that thing happened. 

In order not to leave them guessing, you will need to understand what’s going on with your mind.

The difference of 2 days is not the same as the difference of 100 days. In fact, there are many ways to calculate the passage of time.

The calendar month is based on a total cycle of all phases of the moon. Another way is measuring in solar months instead which can be used for longer periods of time. 

Some use even count sleeping hours by day and night to measure long periods like years or centuries. 

Different calendars have been created early on in history. The best thought-out system known so far is the one called Gregorian Calendar after Pope Gregory XIII.

How Many Different Calendars Are There?

calendar made by cake, 3d, digital art, on pastel pink background

Humans have been keeping time since about the 6th century before Christ. But they haven’t used a single calendar for all of that time. 

There have been religious calendars, political calendars, astronomical calendars, lunar calendars, lunisolar calendars…[edit, post] And that’s before we get to the modern Gregorian calendar. 

As digital marketers, we spend a lot of time working with calendars. I know I do. And I'm guessing that you do too. Today, on the internet there are numerous ways to keep track of important dates and events. 

Some use the Gregorian calendar, others use the Julian calendar, which was used in the 1900s, and even before then there were other calendars in place -- Mayan, Japanese, Islamic, Roman, and Ancient Egyptian to name a few. 

I decided to count the number of unique calendars listed on each calendar’s Wikipedia page. The result is 150 calendar types listed (but this sure makes me think that there could be more). 

Last Words

As you know, social media sites sometimes use our personal information against us without permission. Actually, they don't seem to have any bad intentions. At least this is how they defend themselves in the cases they appear.

They only influence presidential elections and give our personal information to companies that want to sell products to us.

They're not really that malicious. So why am I talking about these?

Because there is a serious relationship between the development of the Random Date Generator and what I mentioned above. Every site asks us about our date of birth. Go to a random application and try to register. Almost all of them want our date of birth, day, month, and year from us.

If you are signing up for a mobile application that you do not trust, you can also complete the registration process using a date generated by the above tool.

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