Random Question Generator: Force You To Think

The random question generator is a tool which provides you completely random questions. You can use them for your polls and surveys on your blog and website.

Questions help us to understand, and to grasp concepts. They allow us to build our own understanding of what we see, and compare it against the inputs provided by others; in many ways they help to define us as people, and our unique standing on the world. 

As such, questions are a powerful tool - a way to frame the rest of your thoughts and outlook on the universe.

Asking questions is an art, and a very important factor in learning. When you ask someone to give you the information that you want to read in a clear and honest way, it will help encourage them to respond with valuable answers. 

Science is built on questions, not answers. 

Even the question of what are the most important questions is a question, but one with no right answer. 

The simple fact is that every ‘important’ question which asks us to rank them by their importance—to declare winners in a game of relative value—is already undermined by the very act of asking. 

It is somewhat ironic to say that one has ranked possible answers according to their value for humanity despite having taken it upon yourself to judge which questions should be asked in the first place!

In this random question generator, you will find the best question which helps you to think clearly.

Best Books About Questions

Questions are among those things that we find all around us in our lives. From the matters of curiosity to learning, question is an important instrument which makes our life rich and easy to live. I'm sure you've got a lot of questions in your life already, but if not, you should have.

Love ‘Em or Lose’Em

This book is a great tool for you as you work to keep good people. It can also be useful in taking the temperature and pulse of your workforce – their engagement, priorities, activities, etc. I highly recommend it for leaders who want to show their staff that they care about them individually and also as a group.

The Book of Beautiful Questions

In A More Beautiful Question , Warren Berger shared the set of powerful, provocative questions that open up new perspectives and lead to breakthrough ideas. In The Book of Beautiful Questions, Berger shares a different kind of tool: the kind that’s meant to be put into practice–right now. It’s not enough just to know the questions that challenge old ways of thinking and ignite creative imagination. We also need to be able to go out and apply them.

Art of Asking

Asking questions is a core skill in helping people. Research has shown that on average, we spend 60% of our time asking questions. But many of us fail to ask good questions, and that makes it hard for us to ask good questions, too.  The best way to improve your questioning skills is to learn from the experts, and that means learning from those who write acclaimed books and articles about questioning techniques.

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