Random Team Generator: Build Your Dream Team

Playing game alone is cool but playing with your friends is much better. That’s why I build a random team generator that helps you to build solid teams.

Enter names and press submit

Team building has always been a controversial issue. At least one person protests when dividing into teams. And eventually, the conversation turns into a discussion.

Because nobody wants to lose. But while a bad team decreases the chance of victory, it also increases the chance of defeat.

Therefore, nobody wants to be part of a weak team. However, it deserves to be in a strong team.

Anyway, it is not easy to build a team created through critical evaluation. It is difficult to convince everyone. I was always a part of weak teams in basketball practice. I used to consider myself a leader when fighting them.

But at that time, it was not easy to form a team while playing basketball. Everyone wanted to play with the strong. He wanted to win. And he didn't want to spend too much effort while earning.

Although I give an example from a physical game, people who use online tools to build a team are usually gamers. They get together to play a video game and are divided into teams.

Because they are familiar with technological products and services, they do their team division via a free tour on the internet.

The Random Team Generator tool solves this exact problem.

Instead of thinking about who will play better with whom, all you do is enter the names and hit the send button.

10 lines of javascript code randomly split teams without any power. You can form the best team in the world or the worst team in the world ...

This is all luck. If you are lucky you will make a good team, but if you are unlucky, you are likely to be placed in a bad team.

Playing in a bad team is actually not the end of the world. Because with the help of talent, you can have more fun trying to close the gap.

Maybe the reason why I prefer bad teams when playing basketball is to have more fun.

In a world where you can easily get what you want, it is not easy to fill the gap created by no effort.

Sometimes, even if the conditions are equal, talent can be the determining factor.

Formula 1 is a true testament to talent. Petronas, the Mercedes team, has two pilots. Hamilton and Bottas. Both drive the same vehicle, but Hamilton won 7 times while Bottas has no championships.

You might think the Mercedes team sacrificed Bottas to make Hamilton the champion. However, this opinion is not correct. Formula 1 matches are now broadcast on live TV. Even the residences the drivers bought from the engineers appear live on the screen. It is possible to see that there is no such pressure in these live broadcasts.

If you are going to play a team game, I recommend using a random team generator. Because instead of arguing for hours, you can set up the team in 3 minutes and start playing.

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