Random Zip Code Generator: Jump Between US Postal Codes

When signing up for a website or mobile application, do not you want to provide real information? With Random Zip Code generator, you can protect your privacy while buying digital products.

Normally, you want to protect your privacy. Because our privacy can be at stake.

We live in an age of digital transformation. Some things will change completely. However, a breach of personal privacy is unacceptable.

These days when the Facebook company is on trial show that digital transformation is not progressing properly yet.

The consequences of the laws violated by mobile apps with billions of users while generating revenue from our data are currently being discussed in American courts.

Since we are not a lawyer, we cannot know which party is right, but as far as we have seen from the news in the Media, there is a violation of privacy.

This kind of news decreases trust in the internet.

By the way, please don't get me wrong. I don't know what I would have done without the internet. The internet is a great find. But if the time we spend on the internet and actions is being scrutinized by large companies for use against us, it makes us vulnerable.

For this reason, we hesitate to give some of our information directly. Here is a tool developed to find a solution to this problem in a Random zip code generator.

When your address is requested in a registration form, if you do not want to share this address, you can click the Random button and use one of the results.

Another important point regarding privacy is the e-mail address. All digital companies ask for your e-mail address you. Then they send tens of e-mails to that e-mail address every week.

A service that you use only once does not leave you forever. This is a situation that nobody wants. You are exposed to company mails at least two dozen times before spamming this annoying e-mail.

There is also a solution to this annoying situation. With a 10-minute e-mail application, you do not need to give an address you use all the time for a one-time service.

Another problem is the location issue. VPN tools are used to solve this job.

There are multiple stages of protecting personal data on the internet. The tool I developed only provides zip code privacy. If you want total privacy, there are other steps you need to do.

However, you can ask questions on the internet to learn what to do after you reach awareness on this issue.

Although the Internet is a monopoly of 3 or 4 companies, it is still a democratic place. And it will remain democratic. Because it is very easy to reach other democratic alternatives to non-democratic solutions on the internet. This is what makes us strong. As users, we have the choice. And we turn to what is best for us.

History of Zip Codes

Zip codes have been around since the 1950s, but their origins are much deeper than that. The United States Post Office Department introduced the postal zip code in 1963 after Henry C. Leseman (PSC) made a presentation entitled ZIP Code: A Plan For Action to an Advisory Committee of the Post Office Department in 1962.

Leseman was assigned to the project in 1947, before ZIP Codes were officially adopted as a less-than-ideal solution for speeding up mail delivery times. The challenge led him to look at other countries with advanced postal systems and how they addressed delivery efficiency.

Why Do We Use Zip Codes?

Why are they important? I know that all you really want to know is how this information benefits your life. The answer is that our ability to create a standardized system of 5-digit zip codes makes shopping much easier. Imagine having to fill out multiple forms and providing a lot of personal information just to make a purchase online. 

That would be tedious, both for us and for the merchant we were trying to buy from. The benefits of standardized postal codes cannot be underestimated.

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