Reaction Time Test: Find Out How Fast You Are

Our reflexes significantly affect the efficiency of our work. To find out how fast it is, you should try the reaction time test tool.

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When the word reaction is spoken, we usually think of the responses we give to Instagram Stories these days.  But of course, this word has a deeper and more comprehensive meaning.

We encounter various signals in life. These signals are sometimes pronounced enough to give us fast reflexes, and sometimes they are blurred sufficiently to slow down our reflexes and reactions. When someone knocks on the door of our house, our response is to head towards the door. The simplicity of the answer to be given in such life events is directly proportional to the clarity of the event experienced.

However, some signals slow down our actions.  For example, let's say you bought Bitcoin for investment with the money you earned, and you have definite ideas that Bitcoin will gain considerable value in the next five years. However, in the last quarter of the year, Bitcoin prices lost a great deal by reaching 30% in a way that we could not understand.  Calculating your reaction to this spontaneous activity is not as easy as calculating your response to a knock on the house door.

The signal’s uncertainty is the biggest obstacle to the action’s certainty, and the tension results in slowing down. This is what I have developed; reaction time test application is an exercise about how fast your reaction will be in the face of an unexpected event in an indefinite period.

In Formula 1 pilots, renowned video game players, soldiers, doctors, and other high-focus professions, quick reactions are sometimes the biggest driver of success.  

If you want to test the situation, you are in regarding your reactions, and I recommend using this tool. However, I want to make a little warning. If the results of the test are below what you imagined, please do not be disappointed. Because no matter how you don't cook a delicious meal when you cook for the first time, it may not be as satisfying as you imagine when you try the first reaction test. 

Remember, the reaction will also improve after enough time has been invested like all other Skills.  Society has a genuine opinion that some talents are innate because the process of developing talent is not as apparent as it seems. 

Reaction Time Test

I can only assure you that the ability to give quick reflexes like mathematics or literature is also a skill that you can develop as you work, and having this ability has several advantages in life, the first of which is to have the courage to make healthy decisions and to implement the decision.

If we agree that every skill can only be developed with hard work, I would like to make a brief explanation about how this reaction time test tool works.

When you first come to the page, a seat welcomes you; if you have provided the necessary environment to start the test, you can begin the test by clicking the Click to Start button. A red screen then appears, and there is a warning saying wait for the green light to click. 

The faster you click after the red panel turns green, the stronger your reactions. After you see the green screen, you will see a result showing how many seconds after the green screen you click. If you press the screen without green, you will see a warning on a blue screen that I was acting too early. To summarize, we do not take action on the red screen and wait for the green screen. 

However, as soon as we appear on the green screen, we have to take action. The time unit that determines our reaction rate in milliseconds. If the results are higher than you expected, remember that the measurement unit is milliseconds. Even though the numbers in milliseconds seem very large, they are fast when considered in terms of seconds.

You can see the scenes of how pilots were prepared for the races in the Formula 1 documentary, which aired its second season on Netflix.  

The skill that racers invest the most is their reactions. If you are entering a corner at 3:00 and 100 km / h, you need to make sure your responses are Agile enough.

In addition to the fact that the vehicle you drive is worth millions of dollars, bad reflexes also put the life of the Formula 1 driver in danger.

If you play games that require high reflexes like Fornite, you also need to improve your reactions. The faster we react to uncertainties, the quicker we can make decisions by measuring the feedback we receive.

Video gamers earn millions of dollars each year because they have agile reflexes.

By the way, there is another tool I have developed for video game players. That's the spacebar counter. As you know, the importance of a spacebar is considerable in some games. The more you press in a short time, the easier it is to achieve success. Success usually means beating the other side.

If you like the Reaction time test, I think you will enjoy the tool I mentioned above.

All of these mini tools are entirely free to use and are developed for your personal growth.

When you see the benefits of having more translational reactions, I'm sure you'll spend time doing mini-workouts like this.

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