+10 Shrug Emoji Example and Learn How To Make One Yourself

Do you want to use the Shrug emoji in your design? Then this list with all versions is just for you. Good luck.

The shrug gesture is a behavior we usually do when confronted with an issue we are not aware of. We shrug our shoulders with our palms facing out and add a dull expression to our faces.

This phrase is another way of saying, "what are you talking about.”

However, as messaging applications started to be used by everyone, some expressions gained new meanings.

According to the emoji usage statistics of apps like Whatsapp with billions of users worldwide, the shrug emoji is not among the ten most popular emojis. Still, I believe it will enter it soon.

Shrug can mean different things in these instant messaging applications. The most common of these are: "I don't know what to say.”

During a conversation, a person can use this emoji if they can't find anything to say about what the other person is saying.

You can see beautiful three-dimensional models of this expression in the list above. Internet users started using this emoji long before smartphones.

The shrug emoji is an expression almost as old as the internet. It was used in text form in the early days. ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

If you want to see other expressions that you can make with text only, I suggest you check this site. However, even if you’re going to create your emoji with symbols, you can spend time in the random symbol generator and discover new characters.

If you want to do the classic shrug instead of the flashy new three dimensions, I suggest you keep reading.

How to Type Fast The Shrug Emoji

Traditionally, this emoji was made with the possibilities of symbols on the keyboard. The history of emojis also begins with emotions created by combinations of characters on the keyboard.

Emojis like the smiley face was one of the first emojis and were used even before the computer’s invention. Of course, it didn't have a name back then. The word emoji has passed to the present in the last ten years. Before that, they were called emoticons or "smiles.” The emoji you shared didn't have to laugh either. When you sent a crying emoji, you were sending a laughing emoji.

The shrug is not as easy as making a smiling face. Therefore, you can use keyboard shortcuts to add this feature to our keyboard's memory.

I will explain how to do it in all operating systems one by one.

How to Make it in iPhone

1. First, copy the text-format emoji from there: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. Go to the phone's settings

3. You will see the General section just above. You don't need to scroll down too much.

4. There is a section for each hardware of the phone in this area. Go to the keyboard section.

5. Click the Text Replacement feature—actually, touch. Clicking is a computer-specific activity.

6. Select the plus symbol. The reason to do this is to add a new shortcut to the keyboard.

7. In the shortcut field, select the word you want to use to make this text emoji. When you type your chosen name on the keyboard, a shrug emoji will appear right away. I prefer the word shrug for this shortcut. You can choose whatever you want.

8. And finishing. We put our favorite legendary emoji in the phrase field. It's that simple.

For Android Version

We will follow the steps similar to the actions we do on the iPhone. There is an option named Language and input in the settings section. After clicking there, simply repeat the steps I explained above.

How to Type Shrug Emoji on Mac?

The answer to this question is slightly different from what I have described above. But it's still straightforward.

1. Go to system preferences. If you don't know where it is, just click the apple button in the upper left corner.

2. After coming to the keyboard area, tap the text part.

3. Opposite the word shrug, add the following symbol combination: “¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ “

The process is complete. It may take a minute or two for the new keyboard shortcut to be added. Do not worry.

If you want to do what I explained above within the Windows operating system, you will need to use other software. Windows natively do not allow you to do this. You can find the right software after a small search on Google.

If you are using the world's most used Chrome web browser, there is also a great extension made for this.

I wrote the article as extensively as possible. I hope it helped you.

I don't know which comedians will be famous on the internet in the next decade. Or which renowned chefs make the most-watched recipes. As you know, things are continually changing on the internet. However, some issues always remain constant. One of them, I think, is the shrug emoji.

This emoji has existed since the beginning of the internet. Many different emojis have been created with combinations of symbols, but none have been as famous. When we look closely, we can easily see that it is an expression that deserves to be popular.

No one is bothering to sequence the symbols on the keyboard to make a statement anymore. There is an emoji suitable for all kinds of emoticons. However, people did not stop making the Shrug expression in primitive ways despite all these technological possibilities.

Maybe every day, I see a twit made with this expression on Twitter. Possibly even Twitter may lose its popularity in the next ten years, but the shrug will always remain. People will continue to use it, even if it's inside other apps.

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