8 Colors That Will Give Your Wedding a Glamorous Look

May 13, 2024

Taking decisions regarding the colors that will establish the atmosphere for your big day can be stressful, despite the excitement and happiness that comes with preparing for a wedding. The last thing you want is a lackluster or mismatched color scheme that falls short of your vision.

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Name Color Hex
Blush Pink #F7CAC9
Dusty Blue #A2BCE2
Mauve #E0B0FF
Sage Green #C1DAD6
Champagne #F1E5D4
Navy Blue #000080

Do you want your wedding to have a glamorous look that leaves a lasting impression on your guests, but unsure of which colors to choose? Do not worry, this article has all the information you need.

In this post, we will unveil 8 colors that will give your wedding a glamorous look. From classic gold to timeless navy blue, we will explore each color and provide you with inspiration and ideas on how to incorporate them into your wedding decor, attire, and overall theme.

Prepare to find the ideal colors that will certainly make your wedding distinctive.

  1. Classic Gold

Gold is the epitome of elegance and opulence. Incorporating this regal color into your wedding palette will instantly elevate the ambiance. Whether you choose to use it as an accent or as the main color, gold adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to any wedding setting. Consider pairing it with rich jewel tones or soft pastels for a truly glamorous look.

  1. Timeless Navy Blue

Navy blue is a classic and timeless color that effortlessly exudes sophistication. It complements other colors effectively, making it versatile and simple to match your wedding's color scheme. Whether you opt for a navy blue wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, or his men's wedding band is navy blue, this color will bring an air of refinement and elegance to your wedding celebration.

  1. Deep Purple

Deep purple is a color associated with royalty and luxury. It adds a sense of drama and grandeur to any wedding setting. Use deep purple in your floral arrangements, table settings, or even as the main color for your bridesmaid dresses. 

Combine it with gold accents for a truly regal and glamorous look that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

  1. Silver

For a sleek and modern wedding aesthetic, silver is the perfect color choice. It embodies contemporary elegance and adds a touch of glamor to any decor. Use silver as a dominant color or as an accent to create a chic and sophisticated ambiance in your wedding settings. Pair it with bold colors like black or navy blue for a striking contrast that will make a statement.

  1. Blush Pink

Blush pink is a romantic and delicate color that exudes femininity and charm. This soft and dreamy color can create an ethereal atmosphere, perfect for a fairytale-like wedding. Combine blush pink with touches of gold or silver for an enchanting and glamorous effect. This color will infuse your special day with elegance.

  1. Emerald Green

If you want to infuse your wedding with vibrant energy and a touch of luxury, emerald green is the ideal color choice. This lush and captivating hue represents growth, harmony, and prosperity. Use emerald green in your floral arrangements, table linens, and bridesmaid dresses for a bold and glamorous look. Complement it with gold or silver accents to enhance its opulence and create a visually stunning atmosphere.

  1. Black and White

A classic color scheme that oozes refinement and glitz is black and white. These two colors' contrast has a startling and stunning effect. Incorporate black and white elements into your wedding decor, such as table settings, invitations, and even your wedding cake.

  1. Champagne Color

Champagne is a soft and romantic neutral color that radiates elegance and warmth. This versatile color pairs beautifully with a wide range of colors, making it an excellent choice for a glamorous wedding. Use champagne as your primary color or as an accent to create a luxurious and enchanting atmosphere on your wedding day. Incorporate it into your table settings, bridesmaid dresses, and floral arrangements for a touch of timeless beauty.

How to Incorporate Colors Into Your Wedding Without Overwhelming the Overall Look

Incorporating colors into the various aspects of your wedding can add vibrancy and create a memorable experience for you and your guests. 

To help you accomplish it correctly, consider these hints:

  • Select the right color scheme

Before you start adding colors to your wedding, it's essential to select a color palette that compliments your overall theme. Incorporate hues that fit your persona and inspire the feelings you wish to express on your big day. You can choose a single color and its shades or opt for a combination of complementary or analogous colors.

  • Make your invites and stationery colorful

Your invites and stationery should have bold colors that establish the mood for your colorful wedding. Choose colored envelopes, bold fonts, or watercolor designs to make a statement. Coordinate the colors with your chosen palette to create a cohesive look.

  • Make the decorations colorful

Infuse your wedding venue with colorful decorations that align with your wedding theme. Use colorful linens, vibrant floral centerpieces, and eye-catching backdrops to create a visually appealing atmosphere. Balloons, ribbons, and paper lanterns in coordinating colors can also add a playful touch.

  • Wear colored wedding attire with your spouse

Step away from traditional white and explore colored wedding attire. Opt for dresses or suits in shades that complement your chosen color palette. Bridesmaids' dresses and groomsmen's accessories can also feature colors that tie into the overall theme.

  • Use colored tableware for the table settings

Make your reception tables visually appealing with creative table settings. Use colorful tablecloths or runners, vibrant napkins, and stylish dinnerware. Incorporate colored glassware and unique place cards to add an extra element of surprise.

  • Utilize ambient lighting

Set the mood with ambient lighting that complements your chosen color scheme. Use colored lighting fixtures or uplighting to create a captivating atmosphere. Soft, warm lights can create a romantic ambiance, while bold, colorful lights can make a statement.

  • Set up a colorful photo booth

Entertain your guests and capture joyful memories with a colorful photo booth at your wedding venue. Use colorful backdrops, props, and frames that match your wedding colors.

  • Use moving lights with colored effects for the dance floor

Keep the energy high on the dance floor with colored lighting effects. Use moving lights or spotlights in various colors to create an electrifying atmosphere on your big day. Your guests will feel energized and eager to celebrate with you if you get your light settings right.

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