Gold Gradients

Gold gradients

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Gold Gradient Examples in Web Design

Gold Gradient

by Tomáš Nožina

‍by Amit Nanda

‍by Kristina Gjokaj

‍by Jeff Farr

Gold Gradient Examples in Logo Design

‍by Gustavo Zambelli

‍by Emanuel Sá

‍by Yoga Perdana

‍by Nick Kumbari

‍by Roy Smith

Gold Gradient Examples in Illustration

‍by Drew Rios

‍by Andy Kurochkin

‍by Nicholas D'Amico / DsBD

by Serhii Mudruk 👋

‍by Moulay AbdelJalal

Gold Gradient Background Inspiration

People love gold. It could be due to the color. The son of man, who had not won anything from gray color for hundreds of years, turned mad to find something yellow.

I understand this behavior with our ancestors. -“Guy, see what comes out of the ground!” +“Wow, something yellow! It must be valuable.”

But we live in 2000 years. We have no valid reason to wear gold earrings.

Of course, there is a way to use gold without harming any African. Use gold colors in the design. For this reason, I prepared a collection of gold gradient background I like.

You can copy and paste the gold gradient color code in one click. You can use the next design project free of charge.

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