Black and White Flag with Red Stripe: +5 Country Flags

Although we are used to seeing black and white flags in different cultures, its combination with the red stripe is rare. We will review these boldly designed flags in this article.

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We will look at the specific meaning of the color red and its use in flags. You can find not only current country flags, but also old flags in this list.



Egypt flag

The flag of Egypt, which is still used today, started to be used after the revolution. As you know, it is a region governed by the Islamic regime. However, the Egyptian empire, one of the oldest empires in history, was founded here about 5 thousand years ago. Today, the pyramids still contain mysteries to be solved.

The city where people live today is also very close to the pyramids. The region where historical artifacts are located has not been opened to settlement.


Iraq flag

Red and black colors are used in almost all Arab countries in the region. These are traditional colors and each country uses different design flags produced with these colors.

The Iraqi flag has three horizontal sheriffs of white, red and black.

Six thousand years ago, the Sumerian civilization lived in the region known today as Iraq. It is a historical residential area. 

Petroleum, one of the fossil fuels that meets the energy needs of modern society, is found in this region. For this reason, the region has experienced active political conflicts. Today, it can be defined as the period of restructuring.


Syria flag

Stability in Syria is newly established. There has been conflict in the country since the early 2010s. However, although a stable picture is being followed today, there is not a single flag representing the country yet.

We, in this article, will share the official flag of the government.

This flag also has a red stripe used in conjunction with the black and white colors.

Syria is the country where Damascus is one of the oldest settlements. Although the old cities changed their names over time and entered other forms, Damascus has preserved its place in history with the same name since its foundation.

Since it is in the Mesopotamian area, many civilizations use this region as a commercial transition area, it is a region that has been constantly affected by the technological developments of the age and has managed to stay up to date.

Trinidad And Tobago

Trinidad And Tobago flag

On the Trinidad And Tobago flag, the sheriffs are neither horizontal nor vertical. It is cross. In fact, there is no harm in defining the red regions as stripes, even though the main strip is on black. The 60-year-old flag was adopted in 1962.

That's all for the details about the flags, let's say a few words about the geographical and historical structure of the region!

This is a country made up of two islands. There are also small islands that follow these islands, but these two large islands are the area most densely used by the people as a settlement. It is in the Caribbean region.

Various colonies used this place as a stop during the exploration of the Continents.

It has coastlines in the Tobago region, similar to those magnificent beach pictures.

There are a wide variety of and rare bird species in the region, where human life is as intense as human life.


Yemen flag

In the past, Yemen consisted of two parts, north and south. They merged in 1990. After unification, a common flag was used to represent both regions. The flag you see above is the flag of this united Yemeni government.

When Yemen is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is coffee. It has been traded for thousands of years. However, it still has an important place among the export items of the country today. Yemenis also use ginger to add flavor to their coffee.

The dominant flavor that forms the identity of their cuisine is usually spices.

The El-Asir mountains, which are as famous as the Alps, are also within the borders of this country. It has served as a natural fortress for thousands of years in the defense of the country. For many armies these natural limits are difficult to cross.

City and State Flags


Amsterdam flag

Roman Mars said in a speech that the Amsterdam flag is truly one of the coolest flags. The flag, which is used with the identity of the city, is world-renowned. Although its design is old, it is still used with its contemporary lines.

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands. It is also an important city in terms of tourism. Nightlife is one of the most important reasons why tourists prefer it.

The canals of the city are as numerous as Venice. The number of canals in the city, which has a total of 1281 bridges, is 165.

The city, which is generally flat, is also very suitable for bicycles.

If you plan to visit the city in the near future, I definitely recommend you to visit the Van Gogh Museum.


Berlin flag

The color black is used as a symbol on the Berlin city flag. It stands on a white background. Two red stripes surround the flag from above and below.

By the way, Berlin is already the capital of Germany. It is also one of the most populated cities. Many historical events actually took place in this city. It was divided into east and west after the war and was not destroyed until the 1990s.

Germany's most vibrant nightlife is here. One of the features that make the city a center of attraction is its historical museums.


Drenthe flag

The Drenthe flag has a total of two red stripes and 6 red stars. In the middle of these is the castle, which is the symbol of the city.

It is a Dutch city with extensive forests and natural beauties. The remains of the unwritten period in the city show that it was a preferred region even in prehistoric times.

If you are thinking of visiting, I definitely recommend you to visit the natural beauties of the city by bike.

Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship

Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship flag


Oromia flag


Puigpelat flag


Sardinia flag

Old Flags

Emirate of Afghanistan (1929)

Emirate of Afghanistan old flag

Germany (1867–1918)

Germany old flag

Roman Republic (1798–1799)

Roman Republic old flag

Upper Volta (1959–1984)

Upper Volta old flag
black and white flag with red stripe

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