+120 Blue App Icons Widgets (Aesthetic): Customize your Phone Screens

April 4, 2024

Blue has always been in the top three popular colors. That's why we didn't hesitate when preparing the Blue App icons collection. There is not just one shade of blue, but a total of 4 collections including dark, light and pastel shades of blue.

blue app icons

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Blue is also a very popular color in the commercial world. Companies not only use this color in their logos... some companies use the color Blue directly in their brands... For example, Blue Origin! A Rocket company founded by the founder of Amazon.

You can organize your phone's interface in a very short time with the app icons in this collection.

Look at the average time you spend on the phone per day. The number written there will show you why you need to make such an arrangement.

White Blue app icons

The combination of these two colors turns the environment in which they are included into a peaceful environment. 

We usually see that summer places are designed with such combinations. If you want to create a more serene environment on your phone, the blue white app icons pack is just for you.

Light Blue

Light Blue App Icons

Where do we see Light Blue the most? Mostly in the sky and shallow waters. Yes, as the depth of the water increases, its color becomes darker. Light colors generally represent open spaces and spacious spaces. Blue widgets are free to use!

Pastel Blue

pastel blue app icons

Dark Blue App Icons

dark blue app icons

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