Light Blue

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Blue's history dates back to Ancient Egypt, while light blue began to be used in the 1900s. It is a color that represents calmness and peace.

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Light Blue
Light Blue Color

Some colors denote peace and tranquility, bringing us back to our true selves. David Apotheker uses the color light blue for this purpose in his own practice. What is light blue? You may ask. The psychological meaning of light blue is openness to new ideas, simplicity or clarity and gentle communication.

Light Blue Color in Fashion

When it comes to light blue color, a lot of people are not sure how to wear it. Some are just fond of having this type of color on their clothes but they don’t know if it’s the right shade for their skin. 

However, even if you’re one of these people, you can easily have your own light blue colored outfit that will match with your personality and most especially your skin tone. 

Light Blue Color in Car Design

Design plays a vital role in the success of any vehicle. Automobile designers do all sorts of analysis to determine what makes for a great design. 

They know that flashy cars are not the best sellers. They also know that safety is the top priority for most consumers when purchasing a new vehicle. 

But among all the other considerations, car designers have to pick just one color to coat their future masterpieces, and that choice has a huge impact on sales and overall perception by buyers. 

Light Blue Color in Interior Design

The color scheme of the living room is a matter of personal taste. With certain issues it can be difficult to make a choice if it is not connected with your personal experiences. 

If you are tired of the same white, brown, and grey palette, consider painting your living room a light blue color. In such surroundings your guests will have enough oxygen for the spirit.

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