Blue Flag With Yellow Cross: Sweden and other +3 Flags

May 12, 2024

The blue flag with a yellow cross is often associated with Sweden. Because it is the first flag that comes to mind. But the Swedish flag is not alone. There are other flags that prefer this color combination and design.

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If we look from the perspective of the countries, the only flag is the Sweden flag. But if we take into account the city and state flags, in this collection you will find a list of all the blue flags with a yellow cross.


Sweden flag

The Swedish Empire was considered an important power during the Middle Ages. Its borders had expanded so much that it became a neighbor to Russia. For this reason, it is considered as one of the most affected states in the adventure of transition from empire to nation state.

As you know, Sweden has always maintained its neutrality in world wars. But Finland was an exception. During the Second World War, he sent what could be considered volunteers to Finland to protect it from the Soviet Union.


Philadelphia flag

Philadelphia is the fifth largest city in the entire US country. I've never been there, but I've been following the city's NBA team for 2 decades.

This city is known for being home to people and events that have deeply influenced US history. 

Thomas Jefferson, one of the famous presidents, spent time in this city before taking office. It is one of the cities he visited frequently after he became president.

If you have the opportunity to visit the city, it is possible to see many paintings and sculptures. The first inhabitants of the area were the Lenape Indians. It is estimated that European settlements began in the early 1600s.


The Wilmington flag is very similar to the Swedish flag. I think the main reason for this is that the discovery of the Region was carried out by seafarers of Scandinavian descent.

Historical records show that the first settlements began in 1638. And the first colonies were also Swedish.

This historical proof is the greatest proof that the design of the flag was not a coincidence.


Verona flag

Unlike the flag examples above, the Verona flag is set so that the cross is right in the middle of the design.

Verona is a city of 300,000 people. The history of the city dates back to the period before Christ. The ruins of the ancient Roman period are still intact.

Another factor that makes this city famous is that the story of Romeo and Juliet takes place here.

One of the reasons why it is such a historical city is that it is a city on the famous trade routes.


Pembrokeshire flag

The flag of the county of Pembrokeshire, located in the south of Wales, also has a yellow cross. And the blue that forms the background is also a dark color. The coat of arms in the middle of the design is also a design of the County. This place belongs to the United Kingdom.


Tilburg flag

The yellow cross on the Tilburg flag is designed to contrast with the blue in its design.

It is a city in the Netherlands. Summer period hosts enjoyable festivals.

It is also possible to see both historical and modern buildings in harmony in the city.

blue flag with yellow cross list

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Blue and Yellow Cross Flags Descriptions

Entity Description
Sweden National flag, represents historical empire and neutrality.
Philadelphia City flag, reflects rich historical significance in US history.
Wilmington City flag, influenced by Scandinavian settlers' heritage.
Verona City flag, features a centrally placed cross, known for Romeo and Juliet.
Pembrokeshire County flag, includes a yellow cross and coat of arms on a dark blue field.
Tilburg City flag, features a yellow cross, known for festivals and architectural harmony.

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