Blue Pink White Flag: Transgender Flag Explained

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The blue pink white flag was designed by Monica Helms. The flag was designed to represent trans people. Colors are preferred in pastel tones.

Blue Pink White Flag

It consists of 5 horizontal stripes. The middle stripe is white. In the strips that continue up and down, soft blue and pink colors are used.

In fact, trans culture is not as new as we think. Monica's flag was designed in 1999.

Of course, this movement is actually a representation of a group that wants to make their existence accepted.

As an individual, it is possible to survive outside the norms of society, various organizations are still made to obtain various rights.

This struggle, which has been going on since 1999, has actually started to bear fruit. Even among the emojis in the Whatsapp application today, you can find the emoji of the white pink blue flag.

In particular, this flag is hoisted at events held in England, America and various other parts of the world. We see this flag not only at transgender events, but also at Pride community events.

The pink blue and white flag is the most popular flag representing transgender people, but it is not the only flag. It is used in other flags.

Now let's examine the other legs.

Other Flags


This design is by Jennifer Pellinen. Blue colors begin and progress to shades of pink. Only the white color is not included in this design.

When Jennifer was preparing this design, she was unaware of the common Monica design. Although this is the case, both designers used similar colors. We can also understand that they are a community that shares common values.

The purple lines show that there are genders other than the two accepted genders.


Andrew flag

This flag was also designed in 1999. It was designed in San Francisco. Of course, it is not a coincidence that a geography that produces innovative software that people use all over the world is the place that adopts different things.

Lindsay design

Lindsay design flag

This flag revealed a new symbol from the combination of the universal symbols of the male and female gender. The color of this symbol is white and its background is blue and pink.

It's not as common as Monica's flag, but still the symbol she created is used alone in a variety of digital and analog fields.


Israeli flag

Pink, white and blue colors are used in all flags in the list. The Israeli flag is unique in this respect. Green and black colors are used.

Bonus Flag: Espírito Santo Flag

The flag of this Brazilian state on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean also includes the colors blue, pink and white.

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