Blue White Red flag With Star: +10 Flag Explained

January 31, 2024

In this article, you can see the collection of blue white red flags with stars. The story and designers of all flags are also mentioned. Important flags, each representing a nation or community. There are also official and currently used flags, which are used in the past but are not valid today.

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Without further ado, let's start examining the flags.


Australia flag

The Australian flag emerged in a competition held in 1901. At that time, values that concern the whole nation, such as the flag and anthem, were not made to order. It was determined by the competition. Thus, every citizen who wanted to participate could decide on the flag of his nation.

This competition tradition was later reflected in other areas. For example, even the famous Nike logo was determined as a result of the competition.

Australia is known for its dangers as well as its beauty. People living in the country have learned over the centuries how to behave towards poisonous animals.

It is a large continent. More than half of the country's surface area, where 25 million people live, is desert. In recent years, the area affected by periodic forest fires has gradually increased.


Cuba flag

The Cuban flag is a flag that we examine in other collections. Considered as a lifestyle, in fact, a different life is lived here than in most countries. 

It is a place where a doctor and a shepherd earn the same salary, where people do not pay rent or own private property. Everyone acts according to their purpose in life.

While most of us spend my time in jobs that actually cover our housing and living costs, a Cuban family has no such qualms.

Although accommodation is not very comfortable, it is usually free.

The transition to the socialist way of life is a result of the 1959 revolution led by Fidel Castro.


Panama flag

The Panamanian flag is designed to be divided into exactly four. It has stars in two corners and flat colors in the other two corners. The flag was adopted exactly 97 years ago.

As you know, Panama has an important port for world trade. Along with that port, there are over 500 large and small rivers in the country. And it also has a tropical climate. The tropical climate explains the fact that the amount of streams is so high.


Chile flag

The Chili flag is similar to the Panama flag, but consists of three parts instead of 4. It has been used since 1817. This date is enough to earn Chili the title of the most rooted flag in this list. As you can see, there is only one star. This gives a clue about the way the country is governed.

Since the country is governed by the central government, not the eyelate system, the number of stars in the flag is limited to only one star.

New Zealand

New Zealand flag

Much like the Australian flag, the New Zealand flag makes a difference, only in the color of the stars on the blue background. Here the stars are red.

The country is currently emigrating to a large extent. That's why it's getting harder and harder to find them to work in everyday jobs.

Some developing country citizens visit this country as seasonal workers.


Liberia flag

When you first look at this flag, you may think you remember it from somewhere, but you don't. Yes, it is very similar to the flag of the United States. But the difference here is also the amount of stars.

The only similarity between these two countries is the flag. All other features are different. Liberia is a country on the African continent.

Amazonas, Brazil

Amazonas, Brazil flag

Easton, Pennsylvania, United States

Easton, Pennsylvania, United States flag

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States flag

Arkansas, United States

Arkansas, United States

Blue White Red flag With Star list

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