+100 Brown App Icons Widgets (Aesthetic): Personalize your Screens

March 27, 2024

Personalizing screens is now possible on today's phones. If natural colors are your first choice, you will really like the brown app icons pack! Start making your screen unique!

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Brown app icons

Aesthetics is one of the most important factors for all brands. All products, digital or physical, spend money to look more aesthetic. But at the end of the day, these apps (or digital products) are all. It accumulates in our hands and an irrelevant image emerges.

This problem is not only in digital products! We struggle with the same problem with physical products.

Let me explain what I mean with more concrete examples!

Now we went to the market and bought various products. Brands selling these products spend thousands of dollars to make their packaging look beautiful.

We filled our basket and put our products in the refrigerator.

So what happened?

Products that look good on their own but create a mess when put together enter our refrigerator together.

This is exactly what the mobile applications we install on our phones look like. Even though the icons of all of them were created by successful designers, there is a huge chaos on our screen! After tan app icons, it is one to best icon collection: Brown widgets!

You can make this mess more aesthetic with app icon packages!

Your screens will strain your eyes less when all your apps come from a single design language! Beyond that, you will now find what you are looking for much more easily.

Making Navigate easier will also allow us to think less and get less tired while using the phone.

This collection of brown app icons is compatible with both your Android and iOS phones.

4 different collections with combinations of colors that match brown are available on this page. We also plan to increase the number of these collections in the coming days.

Beige Brown

Beige app icons

Light Brown

light brown app icons

Dark Brown

Dark Brown App Icons

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