+150 Aesthetic Pink App Icons Widgets: Customize your Screens

March 27, 2024

Pink is one of the most popular colors of our century, so I understand why you want to personalize your phones with pink app icons! That's why I've prepared an aesthetic collection for you, free of charge! Do you like pink widgets, now you are at right place!

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pink app icons

iPhone's IOS 14 update has brought major changes to our phone using experience. Although radical changes come from hardware improvements, Apple has recently managed to surprise its users with software updates.

Yes, Apple has users using its products.

So what is the difference between a customer and a user?

A lifelong communication is established with the user, but the customers are only until the sale is made!

We can talk about this subject for hours, but this is the distinction in the most minimalistic way.

After iOS 14, there was a development that made this blog post possible. With the help of the Apple Shortcuts app, it allowed us to change the icons of the applications installed on our phone.

In fact, what it does exactly is to assign another link to open the relevant app, but ultimately it allows us to open it with a different app logo.

If you don't know how to change your app icon here are a couple tutorials I can suggest for ios and android.

This development also brought about app icon designs. To create more aesthetic screen interfaces, users replace app icons with icons with a similar design language.

So we decided to develop designs in this area and started with pink, one of the most popular colors.

All pink app icons in the collection above are free.

This color, which has become increasingly popular after the release of the Barbie movie, has actually always been a preferred color in our century.

Although it has its own aura, the colors that are effective in its formation are white and red. The tones that make up this color, which is identified with innocence, actually represent Innocence.

Light Pink

light pink app icons

Light pink usually represents peace, if you want a peaceful screen theme among all the chaos, this color is for you!

Dark Pink

dark pink app icons

Hot Pink

Flamingo Pink

flamingo pink app icons

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