10 Cool Colors That Will Make Your Design Look Cooler

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Choosing the right color scheme for your website could, in fact, boost brand recognition by 80%. When you think about it, colors are the first thing that we remember when talking about a brand. 

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at 10 colors by getting to know the psychological influence of each. Implementing these tips in your work will help you create stunning designs that people will rave on.


Charming red-violet is associated with luxury, mystery, and wealth. This color has a soothing and calming effect and is often used in beauty products. Red-violet dye was originally collected from sea snails in ancient Lebanon, making it one of the rarest and most expensive dyes available in the world at that time. Purple also represents harmony and escape to magical places.

This site is a good example of the red-violet being used in luxurious beauty branding. The shade transition from red-velvet to orange and red gives a feeling of modern transparency and lustiness. The HEX code to this design's main color is #6C16C7.


Have you heard the expression "red or nothing"? Well, this color wires our brain to energy and creates urgency. It's often a shade shopkeepers use to advertise sales, as it sparks immediate attention. Red in nature is designed to pop up. Red also symbolizes passion, strength, and intensity. This visual concept for a design agency definitely affirms the company's masculine motto for outstanding solutions. HEX code of this particular red is #E83A30.

a landing page design example with red color tones


Orange is a warm tone that resonates with innovation and ideas. It is also a tone that's been associated with food and therefore is widely used as the wall color for dining rooms and cafes. Orange promotes the general sense of wellness and is therefore widely used in branding health organizations. The example website uses a few gradients to give a more modern look. It's hard to find gradient palettes; that's when Eggradient +50 gradients come in handy. The HEX code of this main orange is #E86830.


Yellow has been a controversial color. Once a symbol of gold and sun, yellow in the middle ages became associated with treason and jealousy. According to Color Psychology, yellow is the most attention-grabbing color and therefore is also being heavily used in marketing. HEX for this one is #E8E230.


Also known as chartreuse, is a secondary color to yellow and green. It's an exciting and vibrant shade that evokes feelings of joy and freshness. Chartreuse is great when used in combination with neutral colors like grey and beige, as on this website example. Avoid using yellow-green alone because it can become uncomfortable to look at in large quantities. HEX code #BCEE66.


People go for walks in nature to wind down and release stress. What's there in the wilderness that you can't find from an urban ground? Clean air, sounds of nature, and endless greenery! Green, in fact, is the most relaxing color to look at and is therefore used as a representation of tranquility. It is also the primary color used by green movements around the globe. According to London Image Institute, green is extensively being used in branding environmentally safe and neutral products from the food industry to cosmetics. The world strives to be environmentally responsible and healthy, and the green color is the manifestation of it. HEX code #16C72E


Also called aqua, this color is strongly linked to the ocean and therefore is a symbol of calmness and peace. It carries an exotic meaning of holidays in faraway paradises. Think about some travel and airlines agencies brochures - they often use blue-greens in their palette. There you go, we didn't look far to illustrate our theory with a modern and airy design of a travel magazine. HEX code #30C9E8


We just love this one! It creates a sensation of trust and security. While it's a loved color in interior design, it's also widely used in fashion. Wearing blue clothes to work will always leave a sleek and professional impression. Blue is a cool color and has a calming effect on the viewer. Representing loyalty and reliability, it's often used in the graphics of financial institutions and technology companies. Also, take a look at the Eggradient background color samples for transparent color transitions. HEX code #2516C7

Blue Color Example with landing page design


Brown is considered a neutral color. The shades of brown are used as secondary colors to mix with either warm or cool tones. Adding a neutral color to the primary tone provides balance in website design. Brown represents friendship, simplicity, earth, and endurance. HEX code # 794628


Gray is also considered a neutral color, referring to intelligence and patience. It's a very modern color, ruling our sense of simplicity as opposed to bright colors. Use gray in your projects if you're after conservatism and diplomacy. This webpage example shows good use of the contrast color red. Gray in visual design is often used to help important content to pop out from the busy background. HEX code #B4B4B4

Color Away!

"Colors play a huge role in how we understand the world. Consequently, they affect how we perceive ads and websites that we visit. Implementing color theory is a vital part in creating successful websites," says Tiffany Lopez, writer at PapersOwl specializing in web design. She highlights that a well-executed color scheme can boost the success of any visual project.

This list will help you create smart visual content for different types of needs and brands. The cultural associations provided above are for guidance to using colors wisely. Coming up with a whole color and visual concept for a braznd is an exciting task. You can try using a complementary color to add freshness to the main color. Just remember that the colors chosen for a specific project should reflect the essence of the brand. Go ahead and have fun with color!

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