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Shades of orange colors

Orange is one of the most used colors in the palette. Instead of using the same kind of orange every time, you might want to use different shades of orange. Here are shades of orange color more than you know.

It's a safe choice for those who don't want to take too many risks with their design or looking for an easy color for branding materials.

From light orange to dark orange color, (even pumpkin orange)  the collection of the list full of adventure. You will explore the shades which you also didn't know about existence.

Most of the orange color names are official colors that accept by authorities. But we add some new orange colors and create names for that. Those name might get official in time, but for now, just the name made up by us.

Some of our team members call this collection as shades of peach, instead of shades of orange. It pretty makes sense beacuse soft orange colors reminds me peach too.

We are finding 50 shades of this color. It's a deep orange list. We brought together, warm oranges to bright orange colors. Rust orange colors are another kind of we do not hesitate to put in the collection.

As you notice, we refer the movie of shades of gray. We inspired from it, but we went further. If you like this list, here is the orange gradients collection.

The all color collection in this website free to use free any purpose.

Shades of Light Orange

When you cannot decide between orange or yellow and want a sort of orange color between them, then you've found your right place. You'll be given multiple options in shades of orange color that can be applied on background, text or as an outline. You'll surely like this section of the page.

Apricot - #FBCEB1

Apricot is a lively shade of pale yellowish orange, just like its namesake fruit. I feel very confident in saying that apricots are much better than salmon.

Desert - #FAD5A5

Navajo White - #FFDEAD

Peach - #FFE5B4

Seashell - #FFF5EE

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