+15 Dark Red Colors: Black Shade Tones

Dark red colors can be intimidating to use, but they can do a lot to make your piece stand out.  These colors work best with sleek and modern designs, as well as designs that use darker fonts for the words.

Dark red can often be confusing when trying to determine whether a color is specifically dark or just red. 

There are a wide variety of colors that fall into this category including certain shades of orange, pink, and brown as well as many more.

Blood Red - #880808

Blood Red color

Blood red (also called bloodstone) is made from mixing red, and sometimes yellow, inks together. 

It can be used for different purposes—some writing instruments use blood red ink because of its color strength and ability to not fade in the light. 

Brick Red - #AA4A44

Brick Red color

Photographers love the rustic look of brick red. Aesthetically, brick red is fairly neutral, which is why it’s a great color for many room types. 

If you’re thinking about painting your walls brick red, keep a few things in mind when choosing your color and applying the paint.

Burgundy - #800020

Burgundy Color

Burgundy is a color associated with the Burgundy wine produced in eastern France, where it was historically used as one of the colors of the dukes of Burgundy. Today, it can be thought of as a dark red or maroon. 

The color was first used in English in 1881, although it did not originate or refer to the wine, but to clothing and other products made from dyed fabric.

Burnt Umber - #6E260E

Burnt Umber Color

Umber is an earth pigment with a reddish brown color. 

Umber can also be made into a paste and mixed with linseed oil. Artists use umber to create dark red-brown hues and shades that correspond to burnt siena or sepia. 

Burnt umber works well as a ground layer in paintings, the base color before applying other pigments like ochre, umber or ocre. Burned umber (pyrrole) is classified into two primary types: greenish black and yellowish brown.

Cardinal Red - #C41E3A

Cardinal Red Color

Cardinal red is a saturated reddish-purple color that is most commonly associated with the Roman Catholic Church because of the color of its cassocks.

Claret - #811331

Claret Color

Claret is a deep, rich shade of red. It makes you want to drink it, but more importantly, you want to wear it. In fact, Claret's official name is “Bordeaux” after the French region that's famous for both wine and fashion.

Falu Red - #7B1818

Falu Red Color

Falu Red is a dark, saturated red created using the same byproduct from copper mining that was used to create the pigment “Vermilion” in the early 1600s. The color has been used as a fabric dye and paint, as seen in 17th century Dutch and Italian paintings.

Maroon - #800000

Maroon Color

It’s name stems from the French and Italian words for ‘chestnut.’ Pull that definition of maroon up in front of your eyes, and make sure you can see it clearly. 

Mulberry - #770737

Mulberry Color

Mulberry comes from a tree native to Europe that produces the delicious berry. The shade of mulberry is a strong tone of magenta-pink. It is very close to the color raspberry. "Mulberry" is thought to come from Old English mylberie or malfree, which were both names used for the blackberry plant; but this is uncertain.