Burgundy Color

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burgundy color is a dark color. It resembles red. But I think the brown color deserves to be in the family. There is a region of this name in France. They produce delicious wines.

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Burgundy Color
Burgundy Color

Burgundy is the color of good wine, velvet pillows, chocolate, or slowly dripped blood. That's right, burgundy is often associated with “the red stuff” just like your real life actions will be "remembered" by searchers for years to come. 

Burgundy can be applied to anything from websites to printed catalogs or other types of media you rely on.

When you think about burgundy color, what image do you see? 

Do you see fine wine like in the Two Buck Chuck commercial ? 

Maybe you envisioned rich red wine, or maybe even dark chocolate

You might be someone who sees the color of dried blood in your mind. 

These are likely due to the influence of your culture, but they indicate how personal your associations with the color burgundy can be.

This is a dark red color with a little bit of brown in it — the perfect fall color. Burgundies are brilliant and striking; they really make clothes pop. 

Burgundies can be worn by both men and women and make a great addition to any closet. Men like that color too, because they can be dressed up or worn casually and women like burgundies because of the rich color that’s bold without being too much.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful color than that color?

 If you're looking to add a spot of color to your home, burgundy might be the perfect choice. Burgundy paint brings a richness and depth that can't be topped, but that doesn't mean it has to be overwhelming. 

There are a number of painting techniques that can help you when choosing your shade.

Burgundy Color in Fashion Design

It is one of the most popular colors for fall 2016. Burgundy may be used as a shirt color or printing or accessory color. 

The reason why the burgundy color has become so popular in fashion is due to the rich history associated with it. 

It can be worn by all ages and gives you a classic look which explains why it's so popular.

Burgundy, in fashion design or in general, is a very old color. The deep, dark red hue is certainly eye-catching, yet it can also be very classy depending on the style in which it is worn. It is sometimes mistaken for maroon but the two are actually very different shades. 

The main difference between burgundy and maroon is that burgundy tends to lean towards a much darker color while maroon leans to much more towards the brown side of things.

It is a solid color which has a moderate saturation and low lightness. The main tone of this color is moderate red. 

This color is a dark tone of the purple hue. The burgundy color, the top ten most popular colors in the fashion industry. 

Pleasant appearance, shows a high degree of taste and sense of accomplishment, but also reveals a sense of strictness and self-confidence. 

In recent years, because it is not subject to fluorescent light to change the light value, the burgundy color is often chosen by designers as a representative of deep colors.

It is also said that burgundy can move people's mind to yourself, because this kind of color gives people an idea of self-analysis. It is relatively difficult to make things with the color itself.

Burgundy Color in Interior Design

It is a rich warm color with a dash of elegance to it. It gets the royal treatment in Interior Design. 

The color literally screams royalty and luxury which makes it an excellent choice for hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, family rooms, kitchens, hallways and any other place where you want to be bold. 

The most versatile shades of burgundy are maroon, deep red and wine. They are all easy on the eyes and can be used effectively with most design styles.

This red is rather intriguing among the high saturated red colors. It's a brilliant hue of wine, combining dark plum and maroon, which makes it a deep red color. This shade of purple will give a regal touch to your space.

It also has the ability to create harmony among all types of furniture, which includes modern furniture too.

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