Flag With Yellow Star: +10 Country Flags Explained

When you think of Yellow Star, the first Chinese flag comes to mind, and then the European Union flag. I think this is the only common feature of the country, which has two unrelated forms of government. But there are more countries with yellow star flags than you might think.

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In this article, we will examine the stories of country flags, as in previous articles.

The common feature of the flags in the list is that they all have a yellow star or stars.

If you think there is a country not included in the list, please contact us and let us know.

Without further ado, let's start the review.

Central African Republic

Central African Republic flag

Having a yellow star isn't the only interesting thing on this flag either. 6 different colors were used. This is a color palette above what we're usually used to. Blue, white, green, and yellow form horizontal stripes from top to bottom, respectively.

The story of the flag is simple: it represents the equality of people all over the world.

In order to better understand the flag of the Central African Republic, it is necessary to get to know the country closely. This country remained under the French colony for many years. It has also been culturally affected.

Although the official language is French, there are over 50 ethnic languages. This shows how deep cultural heritage it actually is.

South Sudan

South Sudan flag

The Flag of South Sudan, adopted in 2011, is the latest flag on the list. Its design is similar to the Cuban flag. Although there is no definite information about the representation of the colors, it is thought that the Blue represents the Nile River in particular.

This place was established by breaking away from the original state of Sudan. Not only is it on this list, it is one of the youngest countries in the world.

Although the country is going through difficult times economically, it is in a very special geography. You can witness the miracles of nature closely in the country, which is located on the migration route of many predators.


Angola flag

Although the Flag of Angola reminds us of the breezes of socialist regimes, this representation was constitutionally changed as the 2000s approached. Now the red color represents the price paid for the homeland.

It is officially 7th in the ranking of African countries. If you ask me, it ranks first in terms of livability.

A European language is also used as an official language in this country, which is Portuguese.

Although the country went through a very long civil war, it brought peace to its territory with the peace agreements signed in 2002.

Diamonds are also very abundant in soils rich in many minerals.


Vietnam flag

The country of Vietnam still prefers the Socialist regime, as we can see from its flag. It is the 15th most populous country in terms of population.

Although this figure is seen as a disadvantage for most democratic countries, it is possible to evaluate it as an advantage in countries that have chosen the socialist regime. Because the country seriously needs manpower.

The will that he showed in the war with the USA also contributed to the recognition of the country's name by the whole world.


Mozambique flag

Mozambique got its flag as a result of the independence struggle against Portugal.

The country is full of contradictions within itself. Despite having the largest natural gas reserves, there is serious poverty in the country.

The natural beauties of the Indian ocean look great regardless of the country's economic situation.


Mauritania flag

Both a crescent and a star are used in this flag, and both are yellow on a green background. Most of the country's territory occupies the Sahara desert. A European language is common, as in most African countries. Here, that language is French.

An interesting piece of information is here on one of the longest trains, the Tazara Express. So why does this record belong to this country? Because the country is flat.


Tuvalu flag

The symbol on the left looks familiar to you, it might be. It is the symbol of the United kingdom. Tuvalu has this symbol on its flag because the country is tied to the United Kingdom. The reason why it is included in this collection is another. Yellow stars on the right. So what do these mean?

There are as many islands in the country as there are yellow stars. And actually Tuvalu is the collection of these islands.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo flag

The blue of the Congo flag represents peace between peoples. This flag was also included in previous collections, but since it has a yellow star, it is also included in this list. It takes its name from the Congo basin, the second largest rainforest in the world.

If you visit this country, it is also possible to see many exotic animals.


Malaysia flag

Considering its red and white stripes, the flag resembles the United States Flag at first glance. However, the Malaysian flag has a 14-pointed yellow star and crescent.

Although it is a country with Islamic motifs, everything has been considered for tourists. From a gastronomic point of view, it is similar to China.


Niue flag

The flag of this tiny island country near Oceania is actually a yellow star version of the flag of the United Kingdom.


Cameroon flag

Above you can see the flag of Cameroon.One of the features that makes this African country different from others is that it is the largest cocoa producer in the world.


Ethiopia flag

The star of the Ethiopian flag has a special design. It was designed by Abebe Alambo. This country is in many respects the most developed country in Africa. It is the most famous coffee producer and the earliest independent country.

Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde flag

It resembles the flag of the European Union at the end of the list. However, it also has a thin strip of red and white colors. Cabo verde is an island country in the Atlantic Ocean. The total number of islands is 10. All islands are volcanic. 

Folk music culture is known worldwide.

As you know, volcanic regions also have suitable agricultural areas. Therefore, although risky, the choice of life on the island is its fertile soil.


Grenada flag


Suriname flag

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso flag


China flag

EU Flag

EU Flag
flag with yellow star

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