White Gradients

White gradients

White Gradient Samples In Web design

We shared white gradient collection with you. How about using examples?

White gradient
From Gray to White linear

‍by Martin Strba

‍by Ben Schade

‍by Walid Beno

‍by nick taylor

‍by Norde

How White Gradient Makes Logos Beautiful

Spending money for logo is a wise investment for a company. Of course, you should not overdo it as Steve Jobs. As you know, he paid $100,000 for the Next company's logo.

Why did Steve Jobs pay $100,000 for the NeXT logo? The question is still discussing on Quora.  

We have listed a few examples of the logos that white gradient have successfully used.

‍by Michael Spitz

‍by simc

‍by Jan Zabransky

by Ivan Bobrov | logo design

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White Gradient Examples for More Usable UI

Making the UI easy to use is a requirement for being a successful technology company.  

Since there is no company which is not related to technology, UI became important for all companies.

Transparent gradient CSS is one of the factors that make the interface useful.

A few examples we have chosen for you.

‍by Iftikhar Shaikh

‍by Tintins

‍by pixelcave

‍by Creative Studio Form

‍by Helen Skripchenko

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