Green and Red Flag: +5 Country Flag Explained

January 31, 2024

Red and green are not very common colors in European or North American flags. In this article, we will examine the flags designed with these two colors.

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In general, red reflects the effort to gain the land of the homeland, and green reflects the rich natural beauties, but there are some special cases with this.

Without wasting any more time, let's get back to the story of the flags.


Only three countries have an official flag created with the colors red and green. In the Other section, we will examine the state and city flags. Our first flag is that of Bangladesh.


Bangladesh flag

It is like the Japanese flag prepared in different colors. However, the background color of the Bangladesh flag is dark green instead of white.

The flag's designer is Quamrul Hassan. Unlike other countries in the region, Bangladesh adopted a design representing fertile land.

The surrounding countries have often chosen icons emphasizing Islamic values on their flags.

Although the country is an agricultural country with fertile lands, the people in the countryside suffer from poverty.


Morocco flag

The green star on the dark red is hoisted when Morocco declared its independence from France. Dark tones of both colors are preferred. 

Morocco has famous bazaars with a historical background where rich fabrics and spices are sold.

The country, which is mostly desert, has a preferred touristic side.


Portugal flag

If we have thought of the coat of arms, we can easily take this flag into the category of flags where green and red colors are used. Interestingly, only a narrow strait separates Morocco and Portugal. These two continents have interacted many times throughout history. It is therefore not surprising that there are similar flag selections.

Lisbon is the most populous city in Portugal.

Other Flags

Arauca Department, Colombia

Arauca Department, Colombia flag

Colombia is one of the countries that has adopted the state form of government. There are 32 different states within the borders of the country. One of these states is the Arauca Department. It has a population of over 250 thousand with a census conducted in the early 2010s.

Bolívar Province, Ecuador

Bolívar Province, Ecuador flag

The Bolívar flag consists of two horizontal stripes. It is one of the landlocked cities of Ecuador.

Głogówek, Poland

Głogówek flag

Unlike Bolívar, Glogowek's flag has vertical stripes. And in the middle there is a coat of arms.

The city is located exactly on the Oder River. Its population is just under 13,000.

Since it is a small city, it is not preferred much in terms of tourism.

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz flag

The flag of La Paz has two simple colors. In the city, the capital of Bolivia, there is neither hot nor cold weather. The city was founded on a plain about 3600 meters above sea level.

Piaseczno, Poland

Piaseczno flag

Tungurahua, Ecuador

Tungurahua flag

green and red flag list

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