+125 Green App Icons Widgets: Aesthetic & Minimalist

April 3, 2024

If you want to personalize the look of your mobile device and add an aesthetic touch, here is a collection of +125 aesthetic and minimalist green app icons! In this article, discover the ease and aesthetics of customizing your phone. All we look green widgets, so we created finally!

Green app icons

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The green theme is a symbol of nature's richness and environmental awareness. This color choice reflects environmental awareness and commitment to nature, offering users an approach that cares about sustainability.

It is psychologically relaxing and gives people a feeling of calm. Green app icons can help users achieve emotional balance and peace.

Sage Green App Icons

sage green app icons

Pastel Green App Icons

pastel green app icons

Light Green App Icons

light green app icons

Dark Green App Icons

dark green app icons

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