+50 Green Color Palette: Best Color Combinations with Codes

May 12, 2024

Green is not just a color; it is nature's secret code for infinite possibilities. Green color palettes will take your designs to the next level. 

From the lush green fields that cover Ireland's landscapes to the olive hues used by chameleons for camouflage, green is a true cameleon - suitable for any purpose, mood or design scheme. 

Imagine 50 shades of green; we've already listed them, and now we'll explore how these unique hues harmonize with other colors

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Apple Green with 90's Vibe

We find Apple green popular again every 5 years. But it never disappears. These days, it started to pick again. The 90s vibe suits this green very well. The 90s were great, right? It seems like 10 years ago, but it's been almost 30 years. I think we have the only nostalgia we've ever witnessed.






Jungle to Ocean

If you are designing for a product that advocates nature and natural products, or if you want to emphasize the meeting points of nature in your drawings and art, consider this palette.






Romantic Pastel

These pastel colors remind me of a Wes Anderson movie. Calm, serene and reassuring, these colors may seem a bit boring, but they are great shades to examine.






Forest Green Cocktail

I always want to order Forest Green colored drinks in the places I go, but I never dare, they taste a bit bad. But the images are very interesting. That's exactly why I'm braver when I use it in designs. Although there are many versions of this color, I wanted to present them together with the one I like the most.



Joyful Picnic

What makes a picnic joyful? Well-prepared snacks? Is it the weather that makes us feel safe? Or is it the colors we witness? I think they all have some effect, and I give the biggest percentage to colors after being at peace with our loved ones.






Green is a new Black

Using black directly can be very arrogant in some cases. But a smooth transition created with green provides a soft acclimatization for the eye of the color visionary. I suggest you try it.






Kelly Green with Yellow

When I look at this palette, for some reason I see everything yellow. Just like when you look at an elegant woman, the environment looks more organized, yellow is so well matched with Kelly green that it looks like they can handle anything together.






Barbie's Living Room

There is no barbie pink color in this palette, because that color would be a bit darker. But there's everything else that reminds me of that color. It's like the opening party of a universe full of affirmations.






Mat is Not Boring

If Harry Potter's school sponsored a color palette, this would be it. Because it reminds me of everything that universe stands for. The first time I saw it, I thought of Harry's courage to go through the wall.






Annual Gathering of the Greens

Isn't it as if the brightest greens of the era reunited years after graduating from school? They've all gotten somewhere and they're releasing happiness hormones by reminiscing about the old days. Despite their contrasts and contrasts, it is clear that they all have something in common. They are all green :)






Harmonious Shade of Red

If it was voted in parliament and I had a vote. I would vote Red, that green is the most harmonious color with green, but this shade of red. In fact, it's almost orange. It's a really nice match.






Joker Costume

I've looked at the joker colors before. And I can't say that these colors officially represent the joker. I can't help that this palette reminds me of joker. What do you think?






Dance Figures

If you look at these three colors for more than 10 seconds and want to dance to the music of the 90s!

But I was born in 2003, I can't ask for something like that! No, I don't accept that. Besides, it's scientifically proven that information is transmitted through DNA.
So you have definitely inherited the senseless enthusiasm of your ancestors. Neon Green may have been the official color of that era.




Stolen Watercolor

A calm and soothing color palette. This is how a soothing picture that moves you can fade in your memory as time passes.

But they are beautiful as they fade. Don't worry, that memory will always be there, even if it gets a little darker around it, the colors will be shaky but strong like this plaque!






Makeup Bag

There is always red lipstick in a makeup bag. Think of it like a fire extinguisher in a car! It's always there. And it can be applied in an emergency!






Story of a Tree

The colors of a tree are not always the most vibrant shades of green. Yes, nature is the inventor of green and it can show many shades at the same time! As we will see here! 👇🏽





Youth Festival

If I wanted to make promotional posters for a festival that wasn't going to be as fun as it looked, I would definitely use these colors. These colors always make what is and will be more fun than it should be.



My name is Fern

Was it an accident to combine Fern green with Vanilla, or was it discovered through mathematical calculations? It's hard to prove, but I'm ready to believe it if someone claims it!
If we stop wondering how it happened and just enjoy it for what it is, isn't it really great!





Just Scooby Do

The older you get, the more memories you have. And the things he encounters from the moment open a folder from the past.

Although this is very sweet, you can turn into a nostalgia machine if you are not in control, so reduce the frequency or do it with your peers.

Because your peers also have similar files in similar folders!
Where did the topic come from?
Yes, this palette reminded me of an episode of the cartoon scooby doo. It will remain nostalgia until it becomes popular again.





A possible escape

This is a representation of an escape, but an unhurried one. What is escaping has no consciousness, only energy!



Respectable Pink

I don't want to be a colorist! Pink is a bit of a frisky color. Isn't it?
Now I don't want to do a Google search to see who agrees with me on this and change my advertising algorithms, but it's a bit like that!
Until this palette! A really respectable palette!





First school fashion

It used to be as if the first school had a fashion. There were various collections of clothes to make young people look like adults.

It was a different experience for a really small person to dress like an adult. Now when adults dress like children, it doesn't have the same effect.






Opening Speech

Reseda Green is usually the color of official openings, I might be surprised to see this color while having fun with friends on a beach. It's like seeing your high school teacher in tracksuits after years of seeing them in suits!




Lavender Fields Forever






Tropical Parrot's Palette






Green Color Names

Name Color Hex
Lime Green #00FF00
Forest Green #228B22
Olive Green #808000
Emerald #50C878
Teal #008080
Mint Green #98FF98
Green color palettes

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