Barbie Pink Color HEX Code

Okay, I don't want to be a sexist person. However, Barbie pink is a fact. 

You all had one when you were a child. As the sexiest perspective, we are living a better world. Least this side of the ocean.

Barbie Pink colours are just the legacy of the old world. The company started to produce the different variants of body shape toy too. 

World changes, companies changes. 

It's possible to locate Barbie Pink hex code directly above. 

Barbie Pink

The colour barbie pink (Pantone) using hexadecimal colour code #e0218a is a colour of magenta-pink. In the RGB colour model #e0218a is constituted of 87.84% crimson, 12.94% green and 54.12% blue.

The Barbie Doll Pinks Color Scheme Shade contains five colours that are Barbie Pink (#E0218A), Raspberry Pink (#ED5C9B), Pastel Magenta (#F18DBC), Small Girl Pink (#F7B9D7) and Classic Rose (#FACDE5).

Barbie Pink Color is the colour used by Mattel's Barbie in trademarks, packaging, and promotional materials.


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