+60 Green Elephant Logos: Unique, High-Quality & Free

April 4, 2024

Green elephant logos symbolize the power and wisdom of nature. In this exclusive collection you will find more than 60 unique, high quality and free green elephant logos that will make your brand stand out. 

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Each is ready for you to create a rich and impressive visual identity.

The elephant symbol makes an impressive impression, especially in industries such as note-taking, cloud technology and storage applications, as it represents memory and endurance. 

The green elephant logos in our collection emphasize the harmony of technological services with nature and leave a lasting impression on their users.

Most famous green logo is Evernote’s logo. 

Evernote's green elephant logo perfectly represents the company's "Don't Forget" philosophy. 

The elephant is often associated with excellent memory and wisdom, reflecting the main service Evernote offers to its users - storing and organizing information. 

The green color symbolizes the organic growth of thoughts and ideas.


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