Green White Blue Flag: +5 Country Flags

There are only three countries that use the color green, blue and white on their flags. However, many cities used these colors in their flags. I divided the blog post into three equal parts. Countries in the first part, cities and states in the second part.

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And in the last part, there will be historical flags that have no official counterpart today.

Have a good read so far. If you're ready, let's start reviewing the blue, white, and green flags.

Country Flags


Lesotho flag

The flag consists of three colors in the title. However, there is a hat in the middle.

The total size of the country is just over 30 thousand square kilometers. So it's a small country. Adoption of its flags in 2006 is an indication that it is a newly established country.

If you are considering visiting this place, I suggest you start from Maseru with a population of 330 thousand. This city is also the capital of the country.

Altitude is high. The city, which was established on a wide plain at an altitude of 1.4 km, also has clean air.


Uzbekistan flag

The date of adoption of the flag of Uzbekistan is 1990. This indicates that the Soviet Socialist Republic was founded after its separation.

It is a country with a surface area half times larger than the country above. 

The weather is very cold in winter. Major architectural investments are being made nowadays in the capital city of Tashkent. It is planned to re-establish the city and become an attraction center on trade routes.

Uzbekistan, which has been an important point on the silk road for hundreds of years, plans to enter the trade world again.

You can see the history of thousands of years in cities like Samarkand. The type of food left to the world of gastronomy is Plov. It is made with Koyut meat, rice and onions. Carrots are also added according to the season.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone flag

Sierra Leone is actually the flag with the most beautiful colors among the green, white and blue flags. 

When these colors are counted, this flag comes to mind first. That's why it's so precious.

This country is among the countries in West Africa. This area used to be very dangerous. Especially after European countries left geography and started to be governed by their own independence. They did not have the old traditions, nor did they have the technology to adapt to the modern world. 

These negative factors turned into a major obstacle to the establishment of stability in the country. 

However, we can say that the level of welfare is a little higher these days compared to the past.

As a result of the time spent under the auspices of the exploiting countries, one of the official languages remained English.

If you want to visit this place, I strongly suggest you to coincide with the dates of the National Carnival.

City & State Flags

Since the country flags are finished, in this section we will examine the city and state flags using the colors green, blue and white. These flags are just as official and used as those of other countries.


Blachownia Flag

This was a town on the border of Germany and Poland. The region, which was within German borders before the great second world war, was later annexed to Polish territory.

The town also has a Christian community fighting for the rebirth of the Catholic church. Green energy and technological developments are also used in the city. 

The flag of this city reminds me of the Cuban flag. Only the colors are different.


Yukon flag

Considering all of Canada, Yukon is one of the least populated regions. The Gold Rush era of the late 1800s brought this region to attention. In the region where 11 Indian tribes live, the Gold Rush movement was not as easy as it seems.

Among Canada's towns, as one of the largest, Whitehorse actually falls within the borders of the Yukon.

San Pedro Department

San Pedro Department flag

San Pedro Department is a tourist destination. And it covers areas in western Guatemala. There is San Pedro, not all, but only a part of it.

Another industry that is at least as important as tourism is agriculture. Before the tourism sector that emerged in the world's peace period, these areas were generally used as agricultural land.

So what are the most popular agricultural products grown in the region?

Bananas, Coffee and similar tropical products yield very good crops in the region.

Although we talk about its beautiful aspects, the region is actually socio-economically backward. And the people living in the region suffer from serious purchasing power problems.

Khabarovsk Krai

Khabarovsk Krai flag

Compared to other regions in the list, Khabarovsk is the largest region with a total area of close to 1 million. Light blue and pistachio green are used in the flag.

Although the region attracts the attention of tourists with its natural beauties, it is useful to check the weather twice before deciding to go!

Because the region is in the continental climate zone. Although the weather returns to seasonal normals in the summer, harsh weather conditions are common in winter and the temperature remains below 0 almost all winter.


Guaviare flag

The dark colors of Green and Blue are used in the flag of Guaviare. White is plain white. It has no light or dark tones. Because when the color changes, the probability of turning gray increases.

Although this region has natural beauties, it cannot attract tourists because it is not developed at all. The region makes its living by fishing. The fertile agricultural lands around the river are among the other factors that improve the regional economy.


Gloucestershire flag

The Gloucestershire flag is my favorite of the cross flags. Because the tonal transitions of green are very well managed.

Gloucestershire is a former settlement. It is possible to see new buildings together with historical buildings. There are settlements in the region that have been seen for more than 1000 years.

The pioneers of gothic architecture, such as the Gloucester cathedral, are also here.


Paraná flag

It is one of the most aesthetic flags in the blue, white, green flag collection. It is especially similar to the Brazilian flag.

In fact, the Parana is one of the largest rivers running through all of South America. It has a length of about 5 thousand km. But the flag above is not actually the flag of the river.

A state in Brazil also used the same name for a region. The flag represents that state.

If we think socio-economically, the region is rich. Mining and industry developed. Coritiba football club is also in this area.


Nunatsiavut flag

The flag of Nunatsiavut actually has a design line beyond the flags we are used to. However, the surprise I felt when I first saw it gave way to being taken for granted.

Nunatsiavut is an autonomous region of Canada.

Inuit culture dominates the region. Its population is small and the weather conditions are harsh. The people of the region govern themselves.

Los Lagos

Los Lagos flag

Old Flags

Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia (1860-1862)

Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia flag

Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus (1917–1922)

Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus flag

Confederation of Mountain Peoples of the Caucasus (1989–2000)

Confederation of Mountain Peoples of the Caucasus flag

Metropolitan Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1954–1997)

Metropolitan Toronto old flag

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