Best Tools to Convert from MP4 to AVI

June 11, 2024

In the vast field of digitized media, professional lectures, entertainment and communication all rely on video to a large extent.  Getting your video files to work across multiple media can be challenging due to the variety of diverse devices and platforms available. 

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Two of the most widely used video formats are AVI and MP4. MP4 is a much-loved choice for sharing and streaming for its well-known adaptability and compatibility. 

However, in professional settings, AVI is often used due to its better quality and ease of editing. Hence, the need to convert MP4 files to AVI is common and knowing the best tools to accomplish this quickly will save you time and hassle.

Movavi Video Converter 

Movavi Video Converter

Versatile and easy to use, Movavi Video Converter is a great MP4 to AVI converter. All skill levels can enjoy a smooth experience with Movavi, well-known for its user-friendly interface and quick conversion times. The software supports a wide variety of formats and offers several preset settings for various systems and devices. 

One of Movavi Video Converter's best features is its SuperSpeed mode, which enables fast conversions without sacrificing quality. Before converting videos, users can trim, crop, rotate, and apply effects with Movavi's range of editing tools. Given its speed, quality, and editing features, Movavi is a great option for anyone in need of reliable video conversion.

Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare is a Leading name for video editors and video converters. UniConverter provides a full feature set that makes it a great option for MP4 to AVI conversion. Its strong performance and intuitive interface make it different from the competitors.

UniConverter's AI-driven improvements are among its best features. These consist of video enhancers, image enhancers, text to speech, scene detection, and many more. These AI capabilities guarantee that your converted AVI files are of excellent quality, and appropriate for use anywhere.

VLC Media Player

Though its main reputation is as a versatile media player, VLC Media Player also has strong video conversion capabilities. Being able to convert MP4 to AVI, VLC is a great option because it supports so many different video media. The MP4 file has to be opened in VLC, the convert/save option needs to be selected, and AVI should be the output format.

As free, open-source software, VLC's main benefits are accessibility and pocket-friendly appeal. It has simple editing features, including cropping and cutting, which help make last-minute changes before conversion. For many customers, VLC is a useful alternative even though it lacks the sophisticated functionality of specialized converters.

Prism Video Converter

NCH Software's Prism Video Converter is yet another great MP4 to AVI converter. Because of its simple user interface and extensive feature set, Prism is appropriate for both novice and experienced users. It lets consumers convert several files simultaneously and supports all widely used video formats.

Trimming, splitting, watermarking, and filters are just a few of the video editing tools available in Prism. The software's preview feature allows clients to review the changes in real time before converting their videos. Prism is a trustworthy option for video conversion because of its editing capabilities, simplicity of use, and support for many formats.

Xilisoft Video Converter 

One highly acclaimed program with extensive format support and simplicity of use is Xilisoft Video Converter. It is perfect for customers who need to convert several files at once because it supports various video formats, including MP4 and AVI.

Editing tools from Xilisoft let users change video settings, apply effects, and combine multiple videos into one file. Presets for several devices are another program feature that guarantees the converted videos are playable on different systems. 

Last Words

It is a typical requirement for many people who use video to convert MP4 files to AVI format, whether for compatibility, editing, or quality. The selection of the appropriate tool is contingent upon your precise requirements, whether it be the convenience of use, the extensive editing options, or the high-speed performance.

 By using these tools, you will be able to ensure that the conversions of your videos are both efficient and of good quality. This will eliminate the difficulties connected with formats and improve your overall video experience.

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