+40 Orange Lion Logos: An Array of Majestic Designs for Your Brand [Free]

April 4, 2024

Orange Lion logos with an exciting and energetic color palette can be the perfect choice for your brand. 

In this collection, there are 40 different designs that are unique and immediately attracting attention. Moreover, all logos are completely free and open to everyone.

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The lion symbol represents strength, courage and kingship and is therefore very popular, especially in the sports, entertainment, fashion and luxury product sectors. 

Orange, which is a warm and vibrant color, evokes innovation and creativity. Therefore, it is the modern style that wants to paint a dynamic and assertive image. 

For startups and tech companies, Lions can be a pretty impressive choice.

We cannot end this article without mentioning the most famous orange lion logo in history.

ING Bank...

Known for its orange lion logo, ING Bank consciously chose this symbol. In fact, this lion logo has its origins in the historical crest of ING's home country, the Netherlands.

The lion in the Dutch coat of arms represents royalty, strength and courage. 

With this lion logo, ING Bank symbolized its promise to be a solid, reliable and courageous financial partner to its customers.

Also, the color orange is the national color of the Netherlands, so the brand reflects its national pride and roots in this way.

Orange lion logos

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