+25 Pretty Colors Work Fine on Your Design

Color is subjective (look at these different colored rooms!). However, there is a general guideline to follow for the good looking color scheme. 

It's not the same for all types of content. But you should be able to start with these pretty color examples for your website.

Colors are very important in design, because they can affect moods and stimulate the senses. By using different color combinations you can achieve a striking visual impact that is especially useful if you want to change the overall look and feel of your website’s design. 

Just take a look at these pretty color examples…

Watermelon Color

Watermelon Color combination

The watermelon color is a very pretty and feminine tone that will look good on all skin tones. It was inspired by the pink color inside the watermelon, which makes this shade unique. This is a fantastic color for the summer but can also be worn in the fall.

This refreshing color is great for bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, or even office spaces.

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower Blue combination

This Cornflower Blue is a color found in nature, but it's also one of the most popular shades of blue by various artists. Use this warm and welcoming shade to infuse some life into your next project!

The hue also complements other colors in the palette to create a harmonious space.

Jade Green

Jade Green combination

Jade is a dark yellowish-green color that makes you think of spring. The color is thought to have many healing powers, making it one of the best birthstones for people born in March. It's also one of the best gemstones for people born under the sign Sagittarius, since they're highly attracted to bright colors.

Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink combination

This beautiful pastel pink color is very similar to the color of the shell of a lobster. It's a very light, almost white-peach tone that is perfect for softening the look and feel of a room. Use this hue in your dining room or kitchen to create an environment that's soft and welcoming. 

Tea Color

Tea Color combination

Tea color is about 7% red and 42% green. Its hue is quite pure, far from the pure red or pure green, thus it could be used comfortably to make a web background. It has a rich yellow undertone that gives a soothing feeling to your eyes. You can use this tea color in any type of web design: websites, flash designs or templates.

Mango Color

Mango Color combination

Fresh and vibrant, this color is used to represent sunshine and happiness.

Mango is a vivid yellow color that conveys a sense of unbridled joy. Its name is derived from the fruit, but has become so synonymous with it that they are now used interchangeably. 

Like mangoes, Mango evokes a bright, fresh and positive mood.

Baby Blue Color

Baby Blue Color combination

The color baby blue is a pale tone of azure. It is associated with childhood and babies. The color was first used in the 1800s and has become more common in recent years. It can look good on both girls and boys, but tends to look better on boys because of its pastel nature.

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna combination

Burnt Sienna is a bright, strong and robust color with a little touch of red, orange and yellow. It is a typical earthy brown that has been burnt in an effort to make it a deeper shade. It is not easy to find this beautiful color but we have collected together the most attractive examples made by talented artists who have used Burnt Sienna as part of their unique creations.

Sandy Brown

Sandy Brown combination

Sandy Brown is a warm, friendly color. It is safe and dependable and makes everybody feel good when they see it. Salt and pepper hair, light eyes and a pale complexion are characteristic of Sandy Brown people.

Misty Rose Color

Misty Rose Color combination

Misty Rose is an elegant rose color with a dash of sophistication. It's soft, feminine, and mysterious all at the same time. This romantic shade makes it easy to create a classic beauty look that's right on trend.

Pastel Red

Pastel Red combination

To keep your room looking fashionable and feel fresh, a pastel paint color is a great option. Pastel colors are variations on traditional hues, which are muted versions of their purest forms. This is a gentle way to introduce color, because it blends well with other colors. Check pastel red

Fuchsia Pink: ​​#ff77ff

Fuchsia Pink HEX Code

Fuchsia is a cool color, but pink is a warm color. When these two colors get together, they make a beautiful shade. The fuchsia pink color is very interesting to look at, and people are always trying to find different things that are the color of this amazing shade. If you want to know what the fuchsia pink color looks like, then this post has everything you need to know about it in order for you to be able to determine whether or not you like it.

Salmon Color: #ff9999

Salmon Color Code

Salmon is an extraordinary color. It looks elegant and neat, thus can be perfect for almost any style. Pairing it with fishy-coloured accessories will be a disaster. That’s why knowing how to pair your clothes correctly matters.

Carnation Pink: #ffa6c9

Carnation Pink Color Code

Carnation pink is a bold, fun, and youthful color. It will instantly perk up your room or wardrobe on a dreary day. This is one of the eye-catching colors that are great in small doses. Bright pink is not recommended for anything important such as meeting with the boss or making an important presentation.

Bubblegum Pink: #ffc1cc

Bubblegum Pink Color Code

Bubble gum pink is an amazing color to decorate with . It's a cute tinted shade of pink that will look perfect in your home. Half the battle of dressing your home up nicely is choosing the right colors, and bubble gum pink offers so many options for you. Plus, its boldness makes it an awesome accent color to any room.

Yellow Green Color: #9acd32

Yellow Green Color Code

Yellow Green Color is the first chance to see the beauty of yellow and green color. As we know that green color is one best thing for eyes, then you can use green color in any season and any festivals.

Turquoise: #40e0d0

Turquoise Color Code

Turquoise color is a very strong, pleasing and refreshing shade which has a peculiar shiny, gem-like and stony appeal. In general, turquoise is described as having a unique hue to it. This color was included in the famous Pantone Color Chart in December of 1964 right after the year it was discovered by archaeologists in Iran. It is celebrated as one of the oldest colors ever discovered.

Cornflower Blue: #6495ed

Cornflower Blue Color Code

Cornflower blue is a beautiful and lively color. It is good for backgrounds because it helps draw the reader in – making them want to know more about what you have written. Cornflower blue can also be used in headers or buttons that match the rest of your website design.

Desert Sand: #edc9af

Desert Sand Color Code

Desert Sand is a color used in interior design to achieve a dreamy, nostalgic and vintage look. Desert Sand is one of the colors found in the Metallic family of colors. The Metallic colors are typically used on medium toned colors such as sand, taupe, or beige.

Caramel Color: #ffd59a

Caramel Color Code

Caramel color is an additive employed for a range of applications -- from food preparation to industrial manufacturing and water treatment to pharmaceuticals. This article explores the detail of caramel color, from historic origins through to its key characteristics, commercial usage, safety record, and available substitutes.

Heliotrope Purple: #df73ff

Heliotrope Purple: Color Code

Heliotrope Purple was born from a frustration within the fragrance industry. It all started with a desire to make scents that were more grounded in reality and less focused on pleasing everyone. The market was awash with floral varieties, but not as many choices include body powders and incense perfumes, which are criminally underrepresented in the marketplace.

Electric Indigo: #6f00ff

Electric Indigo Color Code

The color electric indigo is a vibrant yet dark shade of blue. Producing a desired effect on humans is what this color can do. It can help lower defensiveness and induce relaxation when used in the right way.

Pink Lavender: #fbaed2

Pink Lavender Color Code

Pink Lavender Color is a non-monochromatic color.  The color wheel where it's placed is called the tristimulus color wheel. Pick a little pink and mix it with some purple to find it being a pink lavender colored paint. Mixing violet and red paints together will give you a lavender colored paint as well as adding white to this mixture.

Neon Green: #39ff14

Neon Green Color Code

It's the neon green color that is becoming more popular this year. Unlike regular neon, which is just a single color, neon green is an assorted combination of green and black. While it might look like a color from a sci-fi movie, the neon effect can be quite soothing during night time.

Jungle Green: #29ab87

Jungle Green Color Code

The Jungle Green color is a green tone that evokes an image of lush jungle vines and grass. The warm and inviting color makes the jungle a restful, calm, relaxing place to be. It’s no coincidence that the most common two colors used in the jungle are green and brown.

Dartmouth Green: #00693e

Dartmouth Green Color Code

Dartmouth green is one of the green colors that display the color of green that is more intense than the traditional forest green. It is mostly made up of the combination of yellow and blue colors. The hue of Dartmouth green color is 2,100 to 2,200K on the color identifier.

Scarlet Color: #ff2400

Scarlet Color Code

The Scarlet color is one of the most noticeable colors in the spectrum. Colors that are similar to the scarlet color include orange and yellow hues. Orange is considered a complementary color to red. This means that orange and scarlet hues don’t contrast against each other, but instead complement each other well.

Apricot Color: #fbceb1

Apricot Color Code

Apricot color is similar to pink but it is a little bit lighter and warmer. Apricot color is the symbol of autumn.The warm tone of the apricot gives the warm feeling to all people who see this color. This color is also one of the happiest colors in the world. Apricot color has been loved by everyone since the beginning of mankind.

Amaranth Color: #F19CBB

Amaranth Color Code

Amaranth color is a purpley-reddish hue that has been trending for Autumn ’17. It sometimes goes by other names, including Venetian Red, Emperor’s Silk, and Eggplant. With that much variety in one shade, you can see why it might be difficult to track down in your local retail store.