Pastel Pink

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Pastel pink HEX and RGB code is here. Do not hesitate if you recommend any other variation of pink color which fits in this collection.

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Pastel Pink
Pastel Pink HEX Code

The color pastel pink with hexadecimal color code #dea5a4 is a light shade of crimson.

In the RGB colour model #dea5a4 is comprised of 87.06% red, 64.71% green and 64.31% blue.In the HSL color space, #dea5a4 has a hue of 1° (levels ), 47% hardness, and 76 percent lightness.  

Definition of pink: a medium yellowish pink which is redder and lighter compared to coral pink, redder, lighter, and stronger than dusty pink, and redder and more powerful than ordinary peach.

Pastel Pink in Fashion

­If you’ve looked around the Internet in the past five years, you’ve probably seen pink. In fashion, food, and even beauty products, pink is everywhere. 

It’s a shade that bridges the gap between girly and grown-up, making it perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. 

It is a soft color that adapts itself to most styles and is among the most fashionable shades of the moment.

Whether you’re a little girl at a tea party or an adult attending a garden party, this color screams confidence and sophistication.

Pastel Pink in Advertising

It has an uncertain beginning, but appears to have appeared in advertisements as early as 1820. By the middle of the 19th century, pastel pink was being used for fashion - for example, women's bonnets and gowns. 

By the end of the century pastel pink was widely used in advertising by Coca-Cola, helping it to become one of the most recognized brands.

I chose the color pink for its ties to femininity in conjunction with its undertones of softness and soothing nature. 

It is often considered a juvenile color but it is gaining popularity as a professional color. 

Pastel Pink in Interior Design

The color has long been considered a feminine color which defines the social stereotype of women and follows them wherever they go. 

This is why many people are not quite sure if they will be able to make pink work within their interior design scheme since it is so heavily associated with women. 

But it does not have to stay that way with these tips on using pastel pink in interior design that you could use to create a unique, fabulous, and refreshing space.

Pink is not a color traditionally associated with the home; however, it is a shade that can create a contemporary feel. 

This isn’t a color that should be used for every element in your home as it can be difficult to pull off. 

However, if you choose to add a touch of pastel pink to your interiors, it can become an unexpected and refreshing feature.

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