+20 Purple Pokemon Explained (3D Images)

April 14, 2024

Purple Pokemon have always been the enigma of the Pokemon world. But now, I've got an explanation for all you purple Pokemon fans out there. Pokémon is an insanely popular franchise where you can catch and (mostly) raise monsters, train them in order to be able to dominate other Pokémon and humans. 

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Purple Pokemon List

The whole game is packed with secrets and mysteries that have been explored by thousands of people. Most of these secrets are based on the easter eggs hidden within the game's code, which means they will only show up in special conditions described by geeky terms such as "game flags" or "unused codes".


Nidoking, 3D

It has a long, thick tail that is rigid at the base and thins before ending in a point. On top of its head are small ears and large curved horns; there are also three white whisker-like structures on each side of its face. 

Its eyes are usually red but may also be yellow or blue with black pupils. Nidoking's torso is covered by rough scale-like plates that have red edges; these scales become larger towards the upper body and smaller towards the lower body. 


Gengar, 3D

Gengar is the evolved form of Haunter, which it evolves into at level 25. It's not easy to find this purple Pokemon in a grassy area, but you can find Gastly in caves and rocky terrain. 

Gengar will learn Night Shade as a move at level 50 when it evolves from Haunter, so if you need to take down an opposing Pokemon with ghost-type attacks, Gengar is the right choice for you!

In addition to its ghostly powers (which include Hypnosis), Gengar also has access to Shadow Punch and Explosion as special moves; both are extremely powerful attacks that deal plenty of damage while eliminating your opponent's HP by half! 


Cloyster, 3D

Cloyster is a Water/Ice-type Pokémon. It has the Shell Armor Ability, which prevents it from being afflicted with any non-volatile status condition. It can learn both the Ice Beam and Hydro Pump moves, which can be useful in battle.

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Gastly, 3D

It has an elongated body with two arms and a tail and small hands with tiny fingers. Gastly’s eyes have no pupils or irises and are pure white in color. 

Its head is rounder than its pre-evolution's and has wispy tendrils at the top of it which resemble hair when viewed from behind. It also has two horns on its head with one extending vertically down its forehead while the other juts out sideways just above where its nose would be located on another creature. 


Zubat, 3D

Zubat is a Poison/Flying type Pokémon that can be found in caves and the wild. It has a 40% chance to be female, and it is nocturnal. In order to identify objects with its sonar, Zubat opens its mouth wide open, but because its eyes are useless, it cannot see anything.


Starmie, 3D

Starmie is the evolved form of Staryu, who evolves by exposure to a Water Stone. It's a mysterious Pokémon that can learn Rapid Spin, which allows it to spin rapidly in front of enemies and send them flying. 

It also has well-developed brain capabilities, including the ability to read and interpret human emotions.


Forretress, 3D

Forretress is a Bug/Steel-type Pokémon with the ability Arena Trap, which prevents any opponent that steps on it from switching out. Forretress is a combination of a pine cone and a battle tank, with the name "fortress" coming from its resemblance to a tank and its ability to curl up into a ball.

It resembles Magikarp in several ways: they're both Water types who have low Combat Power (CP), which means they have relatively poor stats compared to other Pokémon.


Gligar, 3D

Gligar is a dual-type Ground/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Gligar at level 22 and can Mega Evolve into Mega Glalie using the Glalitite.


Ditto, 3D

Ditto is a pink blob of goo that can transform into anything it sees, except for another Ditto. If you have an Eevee in your party, put it in the front of your party and then use Ditto to breed with your Eevee. You will get one of three Pokemon: Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon.


Venonat, 3D

Venonat is a poison/bug type. Venonat can learn poison sting, stun spore, and sleep powder. This is the main reason I chose this one as my favorite purple pokemon, since it's not just a pretty color—it has practical uses! This Pokemon can be found in the grasslands as well as inside caves and forests.


Koffing, 3D

Koffing can use the move Smog to emit poisonous gasses that poison opponents and make them faint, which makes it perfect for clearing out trash.


Venomoth, 3D

You might have been wondering whether your Pokémon journey is complete. You've been catching and training them, but you still feel like something's missing—like there's a deeper meaning to this whole Pokémon thing. Well, I'm here to tell you: it's time to learn about Venomoth!

Venomoth is a Bug/Poison-type Pokémon that evolves from Venonat at level 31. It can be found at the Fuchsia City Gym in Kanto or Viridian City Gym in Johto. Venomoth is the final form of Venonat and has a base stat total of 530 (510 CP).


Haunter, 3D

Haunter is a Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon. It evolves from Gastly starting at level 25. It is a member of the Ectomorph family.

Haunter can have one of two Abilities: Levitate or Shadow Tag, both of which are exclusive to it. 


Grimer, 3D

You may be familiar with Grimer from the Pokémon anime or from the games, where it evolves into Muk starting at level 38. Grimer has a slimy body that is mostly purple. 


Rattata, 3D

Rattata is a Normal-type Pokémon. It has a long tail that it uses to balance itself, and its body is covered with coarse black fur. It has sharp claws and fangs, but there are some things you should know about Rattata before you decide to catch one! 

First of all, Rattata are very common Pokémon—you can find them everywhere in the Kanto region. 


Tyrogue, 3D

Tyrogue is a small humanoid Pokémon that can evolve into either Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. It's no surprise that this Pokémon is tough, considering its resemblance to pugilists. 

Tyrogue also has a lot of stamina and endurance, which explains why it never gets tired out like other Pokémon do—it's always ready for more!


Mewtwo, 3D

Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Pokémon. It was created by Team Rocket scientist Blaine, who extracted Mew’s DNA to make Mewtwo. Mewtwo has a strong sense of justice and is highly intelligent, but also suffers from an identity crisis. In the anime, it attacked Ash, who had a similar appearance as his creator. 


Cascoon, 3D

Cascoon is a Bug-type Pokémon that evolves into Dustox starting at level 10, which evolves into Beautifly starting at level 10.

Cascoon has a pink body with green eyes and two white spots on its upper body. It has two green spikes on its head, one shorter than the other. Cascoon's head can be retracted into its hard shell, which it uses as protection from enemies or when sleeping. 


Crobat, 3D

Its prior evolution, Golbat, had the same type combination as well as the same final forms of these two Pokemon; they are all known as Bat Pokémon. It is highly intelligent, but difficult to train due to its underdeveloped forelimbs. 

However, because it does not need arms for flying anyway (it does so with its wings), Crobats do not find this issue particularly bothersome and instead use their hind legs to carry items such as food when necessary.


Latias, 3D

Latias is a legendary Pokémon. It is a dragon/psychic type and it has the ability to levitate. 

It is a female only species, which means that only Latias can be caught in the wild in Pokemon games. 


Delcatty, 3d

Delcatty is a quadruped Pokémon that resembles a long-haired cat. Its cream-colored body is adorned by brown and beige spots, as well as two straight stripes at the bottom of its neck. A pair of whiskers extends from each side of Delcatty's face, and it has short ears with dark insides.

 Its legs are covered in white fur, while its arms are covered in thicker fur that matches its body coloration. It has a small tail with alternating stripes going down it like on its backside, ending in one thick stripe at the tip.


Weezing, 3d

Weezing is the evolved form of Koffing, a Pokémon that resembles a cloud of purple smoke with two small eyes and arms. It is also known as the Smog Monster, due to its ability to emit poisonous gasses from its body.

Weezing's arms are large spheres that are yellow on the bottom and purple on top. The Pokemon gains more bulk in this form, making it more difficult to attack with physical attacks because of its increased size.


Aipom, 3D

Aipom, the Long Tail Pokémon, evolves into Ambipom when leveled up while knowing Double Hit. Aipom is based on a monkey and its tail resembles that of a prehensile tail. Its Japanese name, Eipam, is derived from "ape" and "palm". 

Aipom's design was inspired by a long-tailed pygmy marmoset (Callithrix geoffroyi). The original concept sketch is colored red and green instead of yellow like in the final version.

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Granbull, 3D

Granbull is a purple Pokémon that evolves from Lillipup at level 18, who then evolves into Herdier at level 32 and finally into Stoutland at level 32. 

It has a purple body with stripes on its tail and ears, as well as a white muzzle, hands and feet. Its eyes are red with yellow sclera. It has blue hair protruding from its head in the shape of a pair of horns (with one larger than the other), which can be used for attacking or grabbing items or Pokémon. 

The larger horn also serves to protect Granbull from predators during battle.


Nidorino, 3D

You play as a Nidorino (Pokémon) in Pokémon GO, and you are the first Pokémon to evolve into a Nidoking. The Nidoran family is one of the most popular in all of Pokemon, due to its sheer variety. You can find them anywhere from grassy areas to dark caves, so keep your eyes open!

Nidorino is a male only species and the first evolution of Nidoran F or M depending on if it's female or male respectively. 

They're shorter than their evolved forms but they're still pretty strong! In fact you'll see that some moves deal more damage than those used by other types such as Pikachu (Pokémon) who is also water type but has less health than others


Espeon, 3D

Espeon is a psychic type Pokémon that can be found at level 10 in Pokémon GO. In the main games, it can only be caught by trading with another player or by evolving an Eevee via a stone. 

It has the ability Synchronize, which allows it to copy its opponent's nature (either calm or rash) as well as their abilities (such as levitate). Its first form before evolving is always Eevee, but if you evolve your Eevee into Espeon using a stone then its second form after evolving will be Umbreon instead of Jolteon! 


Ekans, 3D

Ekans is a purple snake Pokémon with a yellow stripe running down its spine. It has no arms, but it does have a large mouth with fangs and forked tongue.

Ekans is an evolved form of Arbok, whom it can unleash to attack enemies. Its body can expand and contract freely, so Ekans can easily fit in small spaces such as under rocks or tree branches.


Illumise, 3D

This Pokémon is a female-only species and is depicted as a small, round yellowish creature with large red eyes. Illumise has the ability to learn Bug Buzz, Bug Bite and Silver Wind. 

It also has a move called Psybeam that deals damage to your opponent's Special Attack stat.


Skorupi, 3D

Skorupi is 4 '11 `` tall, weighs 20.0 lbs., and has the ability Battle Armor. In this generation of games, there are over 800 species of Pokemon. Some are purple and some aren't. 

Skorupi is a Poison-type Pokemon that evolves from Drapion at level 40 with the use of a Dusk Stone. 


Swalot, 3D

Swalot is a purple blob Pokémon with two arms, a single, red eye on its forehead and a blue tongue. It has five horns on its head, with four small ones that appear to be tentacles and one large one in the middle.

It has tentacles that extend from its body as an alternative method of movement; however, it can also move by rolling around due to its round shape. 

Swalot's internal organs are stored in its stomach cavity, so it can eat food without having to digest it first. 

Swalot has a strong appetite for food but is not very energetic because of this; if it eats too much in one sitting it will become sluggish while digesting all the food in its belly at once.


Mantine, 3D

Mantine can be found in plenty of bodies of water, but it is most commonly found in the seas around Almia and Sinnoh regions. 

It also inhabits Lake Acuity and other bodies of water in Hoenn, although it's not native to this region.


Grumpig, 3D

Not only is Grumpig the cutest, it's also one of the most powerful Psychic-type Pokémon out there. It can learn Hypnosis, Psychic and Trick Room, making it a great choice for a team that needs to slow down opponents. 

While its stats aren’t as high as some other psychic types (like Cresselia), they are still quite impressive and make it a worthwhile addition to any collection.

While you can find Grumpig in many different locations around Kanto, not all of them are equal in terms of usefulness or rarity. It's best to catch them in areas where they're more common; otherwise you risk wasting time on catching something less useful than what you could get elsewhere!


Shellos, 3D

Shellos is a slug-like Pokémon that has two forms, West Sea and East Sea. West Sea Shellos is blue and East Sea Shellos is pink. 

The location of the Pokémon may vary depending on the version of Pokémon you play; for instance, in Diamond and Pearl it can be found at Route 222 or 226, but in Platinum it appears at Routes 18 or 20.


Shellder, 3D

Shellder cannot be found in the wild, but can be obtained through trading with another player or through an in-game trade at a Pokémon Center or Poké Mart. 

You can also get one by hatching an egg from a Magikarp that knows the move "Water Gun".


Stunk, 3D

Stunky is a rather disgusting Pokémon. It has a large nose and big eyes that are usually closed, so as to better smell its surroundings. Stunky is also very large, standing at about 2'10" in height and weighing nearly 40 pounds.

This makes it one of the fastest evolving Pokémon in all of Kanto and Johto, with only Vulpix evolving faster.


Arbok, 3D

Arbok is known for its ability to squirm through narrow gaps and has a sharp sense of smell. It can even track down opponents by detecting the scent of their breath on the wind. 

When it encounters an enemy, it raises its head and emits a horrible stench from its nostrils that causes fainting if inhaled by humans or other Pokémon such as Diglett, who are immune to this attack because of their immunity to poison-based attacks. 


Lileep, 3D

Lileep is a light blue, plant-like Pokémon with two stubby arms and a large, green head. It has two small eyes and a large mouth with a green tongue. Its skin is very tough, allowing it to withstand many attacks and survive in habitats as cold as the ocean floor.

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