+30 Red Circle Logos: Free Templates Ready for Use

Hello logo lovers! Working on a logo design? Here is great news for you! In this article, we share 30 different Red Circle Logo examples, which are carefully prepared and completely free for you. 

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Bring your brand, project or event to life with these logos.

The reasons for using a red circle logo are to attract attention and make a lasting impression. 

The red color makes it immediately noticeable and the circle shape gives a sense of integrity and continuity. That's why such logos often leave a dynamic, energetic and lasting impression.

Best Red Circle Logo in Real Life


Vodafone, a global telecommunications giant, has made significant changes to its brand identity and logo. 

Adopting a more minimal and future-oriented design, Vodafone focuses on the "speech sign" in its new logo. 

This highlights their position of adapting to ever-changing times and being leaders in communication.


Hoover is a brand that was founded in Ohio in 1908 and produced the world's first vacuum cleaner. 

Hoover, once owned by the Whirlpool Corporation, was sold to China's Techtronic Industries for $107 million in 2006.

Hoover, which has become a symbol of broom in England and Ireland, stands for excellent cleanliness and quality.

Turkish Airlines

Every time I see the Turkish Airlines logo, I dream of a safe and comfortable journey. The graceful silhouette of the stork perfectly represents the freedom and speed of flight.


LG's logo expresses the strong bond between technology and humanity. While the letters "L" and "G" represent the world, they also symbolize youth, technology and the future. The main color, red, highlights LG's sincere approach to its customers and its commitment to providing the best. This logo, which has different versions, reflects the dynamic and innovative spirit of the brand.

Red Circle Logos

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