Red Flag With Yellow Star: Vietnam Flag Explained

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For a while, we used to see red flags with yellow stars everywhere. At the time of its popularity, many states around the world had experimented with Communism as a form of government.

But today their numbers have dwindled. We only see such flags in China and Vietnam. A yellow star is used, but not just on red. Other colors are also added.

Vietnam Flag


This flag was originally designed for northern Vietnam. South Vietnam has a more colorful flag. But when Vietnam was united in 1976, this was the flag that has survived to this day.

The exact date is July 2nd. On a hot July day, the united Vietnam flew its official flag in the sky.


The flag's designer is Nguyen Tien. He was a communist activist who resisted French exploitation. The symbol of resistance always motivates people against difficulties.

Flags serve both a spiritual and practical purpose.

Imagine you are in a resistance and things are messy. You use the flag to know who is on your side in the crowd. For this reason, soldier uniforms are also made by adding a flag. Operationally, the symbol is of great importance in terms of representing one side.

The 5 arms of the flag represent the people. And it is valuable.

Other Old Vietnam Flags

The red flag with a yellow star is the current flag of Vietnam. Yes. However, this flag was adopted in 1976. Various flags were used before that.

In this section, we will examine these flags.

Annam and Tonkin ( 1885 - 1945 )

Annam and Tonkin flag

As you can see, there is a French flag in the upper left corner. The rest is a yellow flag. This shows that this flag represents the French colony of Vietnam.

By the way, the red flag with a yellow star has been used in other years. We'll see soon.

A little note: You'll notice different flags are used on conflicting dates. The main reason for this is that no single power has ever ruled the entire region.

Nguyễn dynasty (1920 - 1945)

Nguyễn dynasty flag

In this flag, yellow and red colors are used. But here the yellow has not yet turned into a star.

Empire of Vietnam (1945)

Empire of Vietnam flag

As you can see, this flag has no expiration date. This is because the Empire ended in the same year. No empire starts out as an empire anyway. Power needs to mature a little first.

Democratic Republic of Vietnam (1945–1955)

Democratic Republic of Vietnam flag

This flag is similar to the flag today. Only the Star corners have wider angles. In its current version, these angles have become steeper and represent the country's strength and courage.

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