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Get ready for a visual feast that will surround your phones and computers! Marvel's most popular superhero tor's uniquely illustrated fanart collection is completely free!

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Thor is a superhero in our world and has saved the world countless times. But he is a god in his own universe. He deserved his hammer after his father got sick.

His father is odin. We planned to create content on Odin Fanart. You will be notified when it is published.

Thor is sent to Earth for a crime, but his divine instincts follow him. And gets involved in the action in the world.

Super Powers

Compared to the species on Earth, every Asgardian is seen as a superhero in the eyes of an earthling. They are already strong by nature. Mjolnir, the hammer in his hand, made him more powerful. We often used his hammer in the Thor fan art collection. Thor's colors are blue and red, but we used different palettes with different artistic approaches.

Best Friends


Loki is actually Thor's brother, he has darker tones both as a color palette and as a character.

He betrayed Thor and became his fiercest enemy.


He is the sentinel of Asgard. He is a very strong character. It is also larger in proportion than many Asgardians. Heimdall fanart content will be on Eggradients coming soon!

Jane Foster

He is the scientist he met in the first movie. It is his greatest love and the greatest factor in his love of the world.

Last Words

Thor's Fanart collection consists of costumes from all his movies and illustrations beyond them. It is completely free.

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