+120 Aesthetic Yellow App Icons Widgets Icons (IOS & Android)

March 27, 2024

In the past, there were limited things we could do to personalize my phone. You can change the wallpaper. But now you can also change app icons. If you want to make your phone more energetic, you should definitely try this yellow app icons collection!

yellow app icons

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Whether you have a phone with iOS or Android operating system, you can use this collection we have carefully prepared.

So, what icons are in the collection? As you know, there are over 1 million apps in application stores. Maybe 2 million. The number is constantly increasing. 

And it will continue to increase.

Instead of designing an app icon for each application, we created solutions to meet all of them, using representative icons.

Apart from this, of course, the symbols of the most popular apps around the world are also placed as they are.

Pastel Yellow App Icons

pastel yellow app icons

Although it creates a very energetic environment in its original tone, pastel yellow highlights calmness and peace. Although this is a huge contrast, it also becomes clear how yellow is a color open to surprises. It is one of my fav Yellow widgets!

pastel yellow red app icons

White and Yellow App Icons

yellow and white app icons

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