Brownish Orange Color

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rgb(176, 95, 3)

Brownish orange is a dark yellowish-brown color that resembles brown and orange. It gets its name from the fact that it looks similar to brown and orange, but is neither of the two colors.

Best Combination

Brownish Orange Color

This color can typically be seen in the skin tones of dark populous groups as well as in several kinds of tropical fruits such as mango, guava, and papaya. 

As a separate image element, brownish orange is used in wildlife photography to make the subject stand out better against its natural surroundings.

The word “brownish” means “tending toward being brown”, in contrast to “orangeish” which means “tending toward being orange”.

Brownish Orange Color

Brownish Orange in Interior Design

Used in the wrong way, it might even appear dirty or bleak to some people. Luckily, interior designers have found a way to use brownish orange in interior design and make it look interesting, fresh and inviting.

When it comes to interior design, using this color wall colorings can be used to create a calm atmosphere in any space. Using contrasting colors such as white, black and/or grey allow you to determine the mood of the space.

It is often a big challenge to design a room while following the nuances of various shades and tones. It takes real talent to take a dark brown colour and make it balance with a blue colour which makes the whole place look bright and warm. 

The colours that dominate a room are always the ones which should create an aesthetic impact and relief, because these are the ones that give the most frequent emotions and moods the place requires for the use it was built for.

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