Bubblegum Pink

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Bubblegum pink will make your next design work elegant. I'm an hour to add this colour in shades of the pink list. Have a nice day.

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Bubblegum Pink
Bubblegum Pink HEX code

Bubblegum Pink takes titles out of gum as you see. Even though there's a well known"bubblegum taste" - that artificial flavourings known as esters are blended to gain - it changes from 1 firm to another. 

The colour bubble gum using hexadecimal colour code #ffc1cc is a light colour of pink-red.  

The colour combination of this colour bubblegum pink is unlimited. It is one of the favorites of the shades of pink family. 

Bubblegum Pink Color in Advertising

Bubblegum pink color is an enchanting color. It is a unique shade of pink with a sweet and cheerful demeanor. Although it appears soft and gentle, it can be a beautiful accent, especially in clothing and fashion

It has been used in advertising for a while especially in cosmetics, food, clothes and other consumer goods. Bubble gum pink conveys a positive image to the customers.

It is a color that, to me, will forever be connected with my childhood. I grew up with this color and it was always there, taking the form of stickers and rubber balls in the playground or on my school notebooks.

Later on it could be found in little jewelry boxes too. 

This pink has been around for ages so I am not surprised to see it being used in a variety of highly successful ads from different companies.

However, this color isn’t as common in advertising as I would like it to be – it doesn’t seem to get enough attention. 

Bubblegum Pink Color in Interior Design

This color is extensively used for creating a calming atmosphere and making a relaxing ambiance

Until recently, this color was thought to be only for girls because of its intensive demeanor. But then again, it has turned out incredibly popular even among men.  

Today almost all the shade variations of this specific hue are used in masculine interiors with a purpose to bring out calmness.

Pink has always been used as a sweet and innocent color. 

It's used in children's rooms or nurseries as baby girls' rooms, and sometimes even boys. 

It was used by girls because they usually like pink, even though it’s technically a color for boys. 

Bubblegum is also believed to bring back happy childhood memories for many women especially if a lot of pink items were part of their childhood, whether it was the exterior of their house or just the bed sheets they slept with.

Bubblegum Pink Color in Product Design

From yogurt cups to hot water bottles, there is always this cute pinky tone in the product design. What makes it attractive for both adults and young people? 

Some designers may want it on their portfolio while others may write it off as childish. 

But they are all intrigued to how a sweet bubblegum tone can enhance the design of an entire packaging or product.

This color is a pale tint of rose pink combined with white and it can be best described in two words — sweet and adorable. 

If you have a sweet tooth for this color, you may be obsessed with the cuteness overload. 

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