Chestnut Color

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Chestnut color emerges as a shade of red. Female readers know this color very well because this color is a commonly used hair dye color.

Best Combination

Chestnut Color
Chestnut Color

Chestnut color is a nice and soft shade of brown. It can be seen as red and yellow mixed together. Chestnut color is actually very popular among the fashion designers. 

Chestnut has become a bright highlighting color in combination with dark brown or gray hair. Such a hairstyle would look great with formal wigs, classic hairstyles, ponytails, buns and updos. But its charm is revealed in loose-looking curls, designed by the professional stylists.

Chestnut in French is armee in German is the same. 

It is derived from the color of horses, there is no such color on earth, but this kind of color describes, such as the reddish brown horse-hair color and velvet black.

It is a combination of burgundy and brown. The chestnut hair color has been popular among celebrities from ancient times. 

To create this hair color, mix light brown or dark brown hair color with a strand of dark burgundy hair color.

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