Fire Engine

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Fire engine red is a life-saving red hue. Because the color used by firefighters is this color. Yeah, I made a little joke with words.

Best Combination

Fire Engine
Fire Engine Red

Using fire engine red in web design is going to get your reader’s attention. Using a color like this can help direct users toward information they would like on a website. 

When that colour is used as an accent, it may draw attention to certain things such as buttons, links, and call to action areas within a web page. Even though bright red is not a color typically used, you can still make it look professional and appealing to your users.

This Red in web design relates to brands like Coca Cola who use this colour in their logo and brand. It reminds us of the early days of the internet when sites were often designed with bright bold colours. 

Whilst this is not as common these days, many modern websites still use fire engine red or shades on the red side of the colour spectrum.

Fire Engine Red in Interior Design

Fire Engine Red is a little-known color that has been slowly gaining popularity in the interior design world over the years. 

You may have seen it redecorating the walls of a Pinterest trend board or two, but did you think that it would make its way into your own home? 

This shade of red is so much more versatile (and less aggressive) than other shades of red, which makes for a great way to incorporate red into your space as well.

This color is ever popular for small spaces, in particular smaller living rooms. 

It can be paired with many other colors for a contrasting look or even more toned down colours for a rather soothing feel. 

Engine Red comes from red mixed with white, giving it a brighter feel compared to the deep reds available in the colour spectrum.

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