Lime Green

May 21, 2024
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Lime green, the melody of nature's awakening, brings coolness to the heart like the first breath of spring. This vibrant yellow-green hue awakens the creativity and joy of life in us, like sunlight filtering through lush green leaves. Like an insatiable dance of the soul, it sprinkles colors on the canvas of our lives.













Color Conversions

Color Model Code
HEX #32CD32
RGB (50, 205, 50)
HSL (120°, 61%, 50%)
HSV (120°, 76%, 80%)
CMYK (0.76, 0.00, 0.76, 0.20)

Real Design Examples 👇🏽


The Cheerful Gardener

Bringing together the vibrancy of green, the peace of the sky and the exuberance of flowers, this palette colors the secret world of gardeners






Sugar Explosion

A festival of color, from the cool waters of turquoise to the vibrant energy of lemon yellow, the sweet fling of pink, the bold touch of red and the fresh breath of green.






Crazy Ice Cream Shop

This palette is like the window display of the craziest ice cream shop you can come across on a hot summer day; vibrant, sweet and refreshing.





Secret Party of the Jungle

Mysterious shadows in the depths of the forest, the green spirit of nature, the freshness of the morning dew and the sweet escape of wild strawberries meet in this palette






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Best Match

Lime Green
Lime Green color

This color is a ray of hope in fashion and interior decoration, as elegant as the delicacy of the first flowers of spring. Lime green, like a gentle and expressive poem from a poet's pen, plays the melody of confidence and peace.

A song from the heart of nature, caressing our soul with a different melody every time; it is more than just a color, it is an emotion, a way of life.

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