Tan Color

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Tan color is a shade of brown commonly used by decorators. It is particularly preferred in wall paints. It's a pale brown. Very pale.

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Tan Color
Tan Color

This color is usually referred to the skin color which is in between brown and yellow. It is found in most of the skin areas of people belonging to the Asian region. It is also found in some people belonging to that region who have European or African ancestry. 

Today I am going to talk about that tan color so you can understand it better.

Tan is the reflection of all light of wavelengths shorter than 570 nm by the upper layer of the atmosphere on the Earth's surface. 

This reflection is produced by scattering due to molecules of nitrogen and oxygen, by Rayleigh scattering and by Mie scattering.

The tan color is a mixture of various red, orange, yellow, and brown undertones in the color spectrum. 

These undertones are what creates the tan color in different people. For instance, when you are born, you’re given your natural color tone. 

This natural color differs across races, hair colors, etc.  When your hair starts to gray with age, the gray hair takes on this base tone of your natural hair color–that’s why even when you have gray hair you can still see that red or brown base undertone.

We say tan but do we mean brown? 

A soft brown or a deep espresso? The soft tones of an old leather armchair or the rich flavors of a dark chocolate bar? 

Tan color is variously defined by different groups. That is the color between brown and orange in the HSV color wheel. Tan has lower intensity than both red and yellow. 

But be careful, if it is close to red, it can easily turn into pink or peach color.

Tan color in Kitchen Design

In 2012, kitchen color schemes were mostly based on neutral shades, with variations on white, black, brown and beige. In the following years we will see a new trend in 2013 organizing all kitchen designs in a more cheerful tone with some fun elements, bringing the vintage style together with a modern touch. 

This will create a unique atmosphere of your kitchen while making it warm and more accessible for everyone. Highlighting the best features of a small kitchen is important to make it look bigger and also to add a cozy relaxing atmosphere that all small residents need. 

Blues and greens are chosen from blues from soft gray, blue gray to even darker shades of kitchen colors combined with exclusive colors such as light green or yellowish-green or others, preferably using crystals for the window.

We’ve become accustomed to seeing white, almond and other shades of beige as being neutral colors for the kitchen. 

But true ‘neutral’ colors have a tendency to wash out a room. In many cases, you’ll find that there are beautiful shades of tan that would do a far better job of warming up a dark-floored space.

The kitchen is the room where you not only cook, but also spend quite some time. You can always face difficulties finding ideal colors fitting with all kitchen furniture and details, you're looking for the one that would look best. If you're thinking of painting your kitchen even if it's completely new, it may be the right time to think over your choice of colours.

Tan Color in Interior Design

It is a powerful color that combines elements of the browns range, peach, beige, taupe, natural, golden and golden brown colors. Its variations are endless - from warm golds to cool tans. 

Tan decorating color is convenient for many interiors because of its ability to highlight light beige shades. 

It can blend warmly with wood furniture or go fantastic with cold-toned accessories. The warm nature of the golden tan color inspires comfort and familiarity.

It adds balance and contrasts, especially if paired with black. It is a neutral color and it fits a wide variety of grayish tones, which is why it makes a great choice for interior design.

A lot of professionals will tell you that it’s a mossy color, even in rooms with little or no green. But I disagree with this thought, and so do many of the most successful interior designers.

The use of tan color in interior design may surprise you, but it should not. 

Its stunning yet natural appearance can create a beautiful atmosphere in any home or office. 

Its presence is the combination of different shades of beige and gold that blend well with any decor scheme. 

It can also be utilized to be used as an accent and complement other colors and shades.

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